Opportunities in Private Sector
and Skills Development
for shiree Beneficiaries
Lesson Learning Workshop
Barisal, February 4-6, 2013
The Goal
What IF everyone who wants a job, could get one?
⁻ Even with assets the extreme poor are still
vulnerable to external shocks (eviction, floods)
⁻ Linking up other family members with jobs and
skills training programs to attain skills and jobs
can make our beneficiaries more secure
⁻ shiree has explored the field and now a few
opportunities are available for which we need
NGOs to help build the link
For children aged 12+ UCEP vocational school
For family members with min literacy – G4S
For family members with no edu – FAR EAST
For farming families – Lalteer
Steps forward
1. Identify people in each category – HOW?
2. Inform point of contact by deadline
3. Follow up
G4S is an international security services company
They will enroll 200 shiree beneficiaries in FEB
Requirements for Male Guards
• above the age of 18 and below 35.
• physically and medically fit
• height requirement of 5’5*
• weigh more than 50 kg*
• Need to pass a Written Test and an
Requirements for Lady Guards
• above the age of 18
• Minimum heights of 5’2*
• Physically and medically fit
• Need to pass a Written Test and
an Interview*
• *As a part of their CSR, they are willing to relax their height and weight
standards for their extreme poor as well as their education standards. But
require people who have minimal reading skills. They are willing to hold a two
day literacy session
Follow up
• schools in Dhaka, Chittagong and Bogra.
• training takes place over two weeks
– trainees are provided accommodation, food and bus fares.
– have to give a tk 524 admission fee and tk 1000 security deposit for
their uniform which they are allowed to pay through installments with
their salaries. (which they might waive)
• for the security guards start at tk 3400 and can go up to tk 6000
depending on the client and the nature of the job.
• They work 8 hours shifts a day and are allowed 15 days of paid leave and
14 days of sick leave.
⁻ Contact: [email protected]/ your shiree Programme Manager
⁻ Deadline: February 14, 2013
The Underprivileged Children's Educational Program provides distressed
urban working children with general education and vocational training.
They target urban, working, disadvantaged children, many of whom are
drop outs from the formal education system.
Girls 11+ , boys 12+
The program = 5.5 years, guaranteed job placement upon graduation
Shiree projects and UCEP facilities that work in the same areas include
Dhaka (DSK, Plan, ADD), Chittagong (Handicap International), Khulna (Save
the Children, Uttaran), Rajshahi (Netz), Barishal (Save the Children),
Sylhet, Rangpur (Care, Practical Action, SKS and GUK).
⁻ Contact: [email protected]/ your shiree Programme Manager
⁻ Deadline: March 30, 2013
Questions to consider
• Do we have eligible children in existing
• Are they interested in learning?
• The training facilities are in urban areas; can
the children easy travel to these places?
• What kind of extra support do they need?
(transport, costs)
IDLC-Fareast Knitting
Agreed to invest in training of 100 people from the North
100 people from existing households- 15 trainees per batch
Above 18 years of age with basic reading skills
Set up a place where they can go through orientationmotivational sessions, benefits of skills and employment,
benefits and difficulties of relocation (support from GUK?)
• Transported to Gazipur- 2 months of training, 3 months of ‘on
the job’ (accommodation and stipend provided)
• Skills Training- generic skills- literacy, numeric, occupational
health and safety, basic communication and technical skills for
plain sewing machine operations
• Continue on larger scale
Follow Up
We need 15 people from each NGO?
What kind of support do they need?
Do we require any kind of extra funding?
Can GUK help up in the awareness sessions as
they are already experienced?
⁻ Contact: [email protected]/ your shiree
Programme Manager
⁻ Deadline: February 14, 2013
• Lalteer provides homestead seed packets to Uttaran
• In speed meets on Extreme Poverty Day they were
willing to work with:
– Netz, GUK, Caritas, Plan, Save the Children, Care to
provide support for vegetable growing, technical training
on best practices
– Plan- provide mini packets of seeds to sell on the street
and to the community
– Netz, GUK, Caritas, Save the Children, Care- providing
quality seeds to beneficiaries
Follow up
• What is needed for each project or
• How should we move forward?
• Have a workshop for trainings?
Uttaran suggestions?
Speed Meets
9 companies and 9 NGOs
5 minute meetings with each other
Many ideas proposed and discussed
Companies are interested in donating resources, providing training,
providing direct funds, include in training and employment
• Current Outcomes:
MTB has linked up with GUK on a microfinance initiative
Grameen Phone has linked up with DSK on a telemedicine initiative
G4S is interested in enrolling extreme poor beneficiaries
PAB linking with APEX
• REGIONAL SPEED MEETS – one in Khulna, one in Rangpur?
• Steps forward….?
Creating Jobs - Export Potential?
• Do you NGOs produce any products that you
believe are export-worthy?
• Please send a photo of each product, with a
paragraph description, including cost of
production – to [email protected]
Thank you!

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