St Teresa of Avila

st Teresa of Avila
By Michelle Smading
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We are
learning to
research about
St Teresa of
What date and place was st
Teresa of Avila born?
St Teresa of Avila was
born in Avila, Spain
that's where she got
her last name from.
She was born in March
28, 1515. She died in
Alba on October 4
Family information
Teresa's father was rigidly
honest and pious, but he
may have carried his
strictness to extremes.
Teresa’s mother loved
romance novels but
because her husband
objected to these fanciful
books, she hid the books
from him. It is known that
St Teresa's parents have
10 children.
How did st Teresa of Avila's
life end?
Teresa was in poor
health much of her life
and late in the years,
she had much stress to
deal with in her life. A
couple of years later St
Teresa passed away.
How did st Teresa of Avila
become a saint?
St Teresa of Avila was declared a saint on
March 12, 1622, by Pope Gregory XV.
Why do I admire
St Teresa of Avila?
I admire her because
she is the doctor of
prayer and she prays
more than any other
saint does.
When is her feast day?
October 15 is the
feast day of St
Teresa of Avila, a
solemnity in the
Carmelite calendar.
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