ÚSTAVA ATÉNY (Constitution)IV. St. Demosthénes

ÚSTAVA ATÉNY (Constitution)IV. St.
Priestor zasadania Heliaie.
Ágora Atény.
Ľudový súd - Heliaia -
Heliaia na starovekej Agore Agora v Aténych
English: This is the Heliaia at the
Ancient Agora of Athens.
Deutsch: Dies ist die Heliaia auf der
griechischen Agora in Athen.
AGMA Kleroterion zariadenie na hlasovanie - ľudový súd
Kleroterion. This device was used
for the jury selection system in
Athens. Bronze identification
tickets were inserted to indicate
eligible jurors who were also
divided into tribes. By a random
process, a whole row would be
accepted or rejected for jury
service. There was a kleroteria in
front of each court. Ancient Agora
Museum in Athens.
AGM Pinakia. – bronzové plakety na hlasovanie
Ľudový súd - porotný súd (jury)
AGMA Ostrakon Thémistocle
English: This ostrakon from 482 BC was recovered from a
well near the Acropolis. It reads "Themistocles, son of
Neocles". The Athenians had a particular voting technique
to remove a citizen from the community. If ostracized, the
person was exiled for ten years, and after that time could
return and have their property restored. Themistocles was a
great Athenian general, but the Spartans worked to have him
exiled. After his ostracism, he moved to Persia, Athen's
enemy, where King Artaxerxes I made him governor of
Magnesia. Ancient Agora Museum in Athens.
AGMA Jetons identité
Français : Jetons de terre cuite
utilisés probablement comme
pièces d'identité ou jetons de
tirage au sort pour des
magistratures civiques. Vers 450425 a. C. Musée de l'Agora
antique d'Athènes.
Jetons vote
English: These disks were used to cast a
juror's vote on a case. They would cover
up the top when submitting their secret
vote, which if closed meant innocent and
open (left bottom) meant guilty, or there
was a hole in the soul. Ca. 300 BC.
Ancient Agora Museum in Athens.
Français : Jetons de vote en bronze
utilisés par les jurés, de l'Héliée
notamment. Ils sont constitués d'un
disque de bronze portant une marque ou
une inscription d'identification et d'une
tige axiale, pleine ou creuse, qui sert à
déterminer le vote : le choix d'un jeton à
tige pleine indiquait un vote pour
l'acquittement, une tige creuse la
condamnation. Vers 300 a. C. Musée de
l'Agora antique d'Athènes
Map athenian empire 431 BC
Map of the Delian
League ("Athenian
Empire") in 431
B.C.E., just prior to
the Peloponnesian
David - The Death of Socrates

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