Our Three Churches

St. Wilfrid’s is part of the Horley team Ministry with
St. Bart’s, and St. Francis’. Each church has its own
worship teams, home groups and very active Sunday
schools. St. Wilfrid’s is an lively evangelical church
with a friendly congregation and we are working on
growing our congregation. We have a thriving youth
and parent and toddlers groups.
We have been implementing our Parish motto by participating in Horley-wide social
events with town organisations. A wide variety of church and community organisations
use the church premises. A constant challenge is how to use our premises to serve the
community and draw people to worship. Our proposed new schools are designed to ‘serve
Horley’. There is much more progress to make and many more opportunities!
… was built in 1970 in the north of Horley and
has a current capacity of 140, with a dual
purpose hall, increasing to 200. The hall is
flexible and able to split into two separate
units and as well a side room that is used for
smaller gatherings.
There are services every Sunday
at 9.30 am with Informal Morning
Praise, Holy Communion, or All Age
Worship with an average congregation
of 45 and 15 children.
Our Team Vicar had his last service in September and we are now
waiting upon a new incumbent. In the meantime we are wonderfully
served by the Team Curates, Kate and Doug
Our Curates: Doug was teaching
accountancy and Kate was a special
needs teacher before ordination
We look forward to welcoming a new Team Vicar who will enjoy growing with us while
bringing their own distinctive gifts. We minister across age and social spectrums and
are working to increase our contributions to growing our family ministry.
Doug writes:
‘Each congregation within the team is different in style, people and needs. Rotational
ministry within a team has proven both supportive and challenging and requires a
good memory and patience by us and the congregations!’
Margo and Peter
Our Churchwardens at St. Wilf’s
“We are pleased to be Churchwardens of
a welcoming and family orientated
We have a friendly and participative
fellowship with a heart for mission .”
There is an active mission team that arranges
events to support our mission giving.
Menet Is a local charity formed to support a
past member of St. Wilf’s who operates a
school in Myanmar
Teams from St. Wilfrid’s church have, on
several occasions, worked as volunteers for
short periods with Mission Direct in Sierra
And the church currently supports Alison Gill
working with YWAM in Burundi.
At St. Wilf’s there are youth clubs run in
association with the BB/GA, that meet on
Monday evenings and cater for children
between the ages of four and sixteen.
There is an active church run Mums’ and
Toddlers‘ group every Tuesday morning and
also a community run Playgroup that meets on
the other weekdays.
Three different dance groups use the halls during the weekday
evenings, and a senior citizens club that meets every other
Monday afternoon and Mother’s Union once a month.
As well as the Sunday aspects of Lay involvement members
of the congregation work in the Parish to provide for:
• home communion teams that serve individuals as well as
local care homes
• Running Mum’ and Toddlers groups
• Mother’s Union meetings.
• Members and non-members take part in
Government consultations as part of a
‘rapid response’ for Gatwick emergency.
• Ecumenical Lent Groups
Sally says
“Working as part of a small team I annually help organise ecumenical
Lent groups for around 100 from across all the church denominations in Horley.
Everyone enjoys learning and worshipping together”

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