St Paul`s cathedral

By: Marina
Murillo, 3º B
St. Paul's cathedral (London), was built from
1676, to 1710, in the ruins of the ancient
cathedral. The architect Christopher Wren
lead this project, with Lorenzo Gafa. It's the
second largest church in the United Kingdom
> Christopher Wren
> St Paul's cathedral
The cathedral is dedicated to Paul the
Apostle, and it's and English baroque
It belongs to the diocese of London.
> Interior
The cathedral was built on the ruins of the first English church. It was a
wooden church, so it was renovated in 675, 962, and 1087, and it was
restored in 1633.
> The ancient cathedral
Then, the ancient cathedral
was burnt in the Great Fire,
so it had to be rebuilt. This
new cathedral will be the
building we know.
> The Great Fire
Now, it's a special English place where a lot of
events have happened: Nelson or Margaret
Tratcher's funeral, Victoria and Elisabeth queens'
jubilee, or Charles and Diana's wedding.
It's a tourist center too, so you can visit it.
> Charles and Diana's
Views from the
The cathedral is built of Portland Stone in a late
Reinassance Style (English Baroque), something
similar to the style of St. Peter's Basilica or
Mansart church of the Val. de Grâce, which the
architect Wren had visited.
> Portland Stone
St. Peter's Basilica, Mansart Church Val. de Grâce, and St. Paul's cathedral

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