2015 CMDC | Silver, Gold, Platinum, Founder`s Membership Drive

Membership Growth Strategies
Silver, Gold, Diamond and Founders Clubs
PPP Objective
Push 90% Retention of current active chapter
Pull 20% of any non-financial brothers who
have been initiated into the chapter within the
last 3 years
Push chapter growth through membership
intake classes of 5+ Members
This will aid the fraternity to increase its
membership to 15,000 members for 2015
PPP Goals
Implement a consistent and deliberate calendar of
events that is closely aligned to PPP
Use identified four chapter liaisons for each level
for more personal access and resources to assist with
PPP activities. (This also gives liaisons training in
best practices.)
Share chapter calendar with other local chapters
increasing visibility for all involved. All brothers in
the area can assist, attend, and support each others
chapter’s activities. This builds bonds.
Membership Drive Structure
Int’l 1st Vice
1st Vice
Four Liaisons
1st Vice
Eight Liaisons
1st Vice
Four Liaisons
Silver, Gold, Diamond and Founders Clubs
Project Push
Establish a payment plan for 2015 dues collection for
current members
Push for 90% of brothers who are financial in 2014 to
pay for the next year by December 1st.
Project Pull
 Reactivate 20% of inactive brothers who have been
initiated into the chapter within the last 3 years.
 Receive from IHQ a list of brothers who have been
initiated into the chapter the last 3 years and the chapter
attrition report from the previous year
 Develop a contact list of these inactive brothers
containing their most recent contact information
 Develop strategies with the chapter to achieve the
specified goal of reactivated members for the chapter
 Every current chapter member, based on the amount of
members in the chapter, will dedicate themselves to pulling
a specified number of brothers back into the chapter
Project Push
Recruit at least 5 members for your membership intake
class to assist with chapter growth
Retention of Sigma Beta members through transition to
Membership Intake into collegiate chapter (if there are
any SB’s available on the campus)
September Objectives
 Establish a chapter retention plan while collecting dues
and/or establishing a payment plan for 2015 dues for
current members within the chapter
 Submit PBS 7C Form to RD (Request for Intake Form)
 Once Request for Intake is approved, host interest
 Certify brothers for Membership Intake Process (if
October Objectives
 Hold special informational dues meeting (may be a
social event) and invite all non-financial brothers to
attend (alumni)
 Collegiate chapters should hold same meeting and
invite advisors and other graduate brothers to attend
the meeting & Review MIP Goals, Ideas and Expected
November Objectives
 Intake period ends November 16th
 Continue pushing 90% retention of current chapter
 Send collected dues to IHQ by end of the month
December Objectives
 Verify that IHQ has received funds & PBS1’s and
check for correct numbers
 Review numbers and compare against goals
 Celebrate successes
 Meet with chapter advisors and identify those
graduates who may be relocating and connect with an
alumni chapter in that city (for those graduating in
Chapter Liaisons (Listed here)
Chapter Liaison
MIP Intake Window
Fall MIP Season
September 7th – November 16th
*Contact the Area Intake Coordinators for training
and Membership Intake
Action Items
Due Date
Feedback & Questions
Please send all questions to any below
• First Vice Regional Director
• Regional Director
• Bro. Micheal Cristal
[email protected]

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