MALIC - York St John University

MA Leading Innovation and
Accessing electronic resources at
York St John University
How to get to the library site from my web browser
From Google
Type your terms eg: change
management directly into
the search box
Type library URL into
browser & press enter
You will be prompted for
your login details (YSJ
username and password)
Library homepage is
Example of an article that is
displayed. Click on PDF to
view full text
passwords and
logging in
Username for York St John should
either be your visitor account for your
induction period then the full account
in the format firstname.surname eg:
Password is what you choose when you
set up your York St John IT account
Does it work for YSJ Moodle and email?
This username and password is correct for
access to the electronic books and
journals at YSJ, but you must access
resources via York St John webpages at:
You need to check that both your
username and password are correct.
You can reset your password at:
Access via Discover (the library
catalogue on the homepage)
Type your search directly into
the search box at the top of the
screen. You will be prompted for
your username and password
Accessing other databases such
as Emerald, Business source
premier etc.
Click on the resource you want to
search. You will be prompted for
your username and password
If this did not work,
contact [email protected]
or [email protected]
for further help
correct but still
having problems
Your York St John username
and password are correct but
you still can’t access the
electronic books and journals.
Did you go via our webpages?
Yes and I still can’t get
to the full text of a
particular electronic
book or journal.
You might have made a
mistake with your search.
Watch our online search
demonstrations about
ebooks and ejournals
There is a technical error
linking to the resource
via YSJ. Please let us
know at [email protected]
and we will investigate.
No – I used another site eg:
Google scholar, publisher’s
website etc. Your YSJ
username and password
only gives you access to
resources we have paid for
via the YSJ website
We haven’t got access
to the resource via York
St John. Please tell us if
the item is on a reading
York St John might
provide access to the
journal you want via a
different publisher from
the one you have
searched. Always check
on our webpages.
Where you find what
York St John Library
Robert Kennedy College
Scanned chapters and journal
articles on your reading lists
E-books, e-journals and
databases – see next slide
Your lectures and presentations
Tutors’ help & work assignments
Resources from
York St John
Library catalogue and gateway to our full text
electronic books, journals etc.
All YSJ full text books/articles/reports from
the sources below and others should be
accessible via this gateway
Access this via the search box at top of the
Library homepage
Full text journal articles
in business and
Abstracts and full text articles
about work psychology
Abstracts of articles about
corporate social responsibility
Business source
Some full text and some
abstracts of articles,
reports etc., plus
company profiles
Academic OneFile
Infotrac Newspapers
Journal articles will be
retrieved via Discover but
some magazines and all
newspaper articles need to
be searched for via the
individual database
International company,
industry, country
UK market reports in the
following categories:
technology, e-commerce,
travel, leisure and food. You
must register your YSJ email
address on first use.
to help you
Online demonstration:
Online demonstration:

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