Digital Notice Board - Henley & Grange RSL

Henley and Grange RSL
Notice Board
Sub-branch Committee
 President:-
Committee Members:-
Rhona Parry
Graham Parks
Shirley Wigglesworth
Michael Domarecki
Stephen Rogers
Bill Parry
 Vice President:
Jim Warren
 Secretary/Treasurer:Kaye Moseley
Club Supporters
West Beach Financial
 West End Brewery
 Fry’s Meat Store
 Seafood on Henley
 Henley Motors
 Henley Beach Automatics
 Express Lawn Mowing
Club Supporters Continued
 Speedwash
Car Wash ($50 gift cards
available for $45, club gets $5 per card
sold. Ask at the bar.)
 Carline Mufflers Findon
 Workskil (“Work for the Dole”)
maintenance and painting.
Western Bookkeeping Services. (John Vikor.)
 Bacchus
Wine Bar. (Phil Brooks.)
Club Supporters Continued
Sip ‘N’ Save West Beach (Dominic)
 Brown Brothers Wines (Pauline Munro)
 Outback Logistics (Roger Thompson)
 Dogtainers Pty Ltd (Paul Marcus)
 Micro-Strain Technology Pty Ltd
(P. Trenowden)
Broadband For Seniors
 If
you are 50 plus and would
like to learn the basics of using a
computer, please speak to Kaye
to make an appointment.
 Times are arranged to suit those
interested and the tutor.
Meetings are held 3rd Tuesday of each month.
 Usually a guest speaker or entertainment.
 10am start usually finish by 12 noon. Morning
tea & sometimes lunch, finish 2pm.
 New members welcome.
 Further enquiries to Kaye then more
information given.
Frequent drinks loyalty card is available to both
members & non-members alike. Only one ticket
per person at a time.
Once your card has expired the staff will retain
your cards for entry in a super draw. This applies
to Financial 2014 members only.
Prizes and the time of the super draw are yet to
be decided.
Henley and Grange RSL
9th May
23rd May
6th June
20th June
4th July
18th July
1st August
15th August
29th August
12th September
26th September
10th October
24th October
7th November
21st November
5th December
19th December XMAS)
Winter Competition.
Thursday 1st May
Thursday 15th May
Monday 19th May
Tuesday 27th May
Tuesday 3rd June
Tuesday 10th June
Monday 16th June
Thursday 19th June
Tuesday 24th June
Winter Competition
Tuesday 1st July
Thursday 3rd July
Thursday 17th July
Tuesday 22nd July
Monday 28th July
Thursday 31st July
Tuesday 5th August
Monday 11th August
Thursday 14th August
Henley and Grange RSL
Do you know about the Memorial Room?
Situated in front of the Henley Memorial Town
Hall, it contains service rolls, photos and a
magnificent stained glass window installed in
1922, paid for by the women of the community.
 If you would like to have a look, Kaye will be
happy to show you.
Henley and Grange RSL
 Subscriptions
are due on the
January. $40 Affiliates and
Service members.
 You will not be in the Member
Draw if you are not financial.
Annual General Meeting
 Held
here in the clubrooms 1st Sunday
in March.
 Start time: 9:30 am.
Facilities For Hire
Cheer Up Hut : Price negotiable.
Clubroom : $150.00
 Bar person’s wages
 Limited licence cost if required.
 Kitchen supervised by RSL Catering staff.
(Work Health & Safety policy)
Henley & Grange RSL
Would you like to volunteer to water the
Community gardens around the RSL
Clubrooms and “Cheer Up Hut” areas. One
day a week would be good. Can be done
when clubrooms are not open.
 Looks good when plants are strong and
 Talk to Kaye.

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