st luica power point

St Lucia is the smallest island in the
Caribbean in the island. There is a alive
volcano but it never Arup's. You can go
and see an exotic shop were you polis
coco beans and see stage fruits. There is a
deep water fall people swim in it. St Lucia
is not that popular because not many
people have found it. In the pigeon land
there is a pirate hide out there. The
weaver is tropical and wet but warm. If
you are lucky you can get a v.i.p trip on
a helicopter ride around St Lucia. At the
island there are two famous mountings
called the pitons. The hotel have privet
beaches so get a sun tan!
A hurricane is made by hoy sea water. T he sea water
Bilds up to make a cloud. The large cloud can be up to 300 miles.
The eye is silent because that is the place were the hurricane
makes no noise. It has to be hot to make a hurricane. There are
diffrent names for a hurricane such as a typhoon baguio and a
cyclone. There are three difrent ocens that they can be made in
that are atlantic pacific and the indian.
Last week a hurricane hit ilfracome. On 3ob streat peopil were
getting scaired. The wind bload of every ones foofs. There was
trash on the streats and cats and dogs running out side . Peopil
stuff was broken. Some of town was struk by lightning. At the deli,
biscuits were killed and cakes icing was gone! The floor was
socaked and when you walked on it you will sink froo. Lots of
damage happened then.
3Ob were interviewed. Georgie said I was scaired so I holed on to
my mum. Mr brown said I ran in to my house. I hope every think
was ok!
We taste sweet and
suculunt on the uther
hand mango is sharp.
Bananas need hot
weather to grow however
stawberrys grow in cool
Aeroplanes go from st
lucia to ingland
bringing fresh bananas
but appels are grown
in ingland.
We are yellow and moth
watering whereas
stawberrys are red and
We are chopped of
when we are green on
the other hand appels
fall of when ready.

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