Things you may not know about St.Thomas

 We
serve approximately 1700
individuals and families monthly in
 There are a total of 3032 people that
make up those families.
Our intake line 519-631-9350
option 3 will field calls for all 3
programs; Ontario Works,
Housing and Childcare
We recently removed the glass that surrounded
the front desk area and it has
made a big difference for staff
and clients.
We send out a monthly newsletter with
the OW cheques. It includes OW
information, community resources and
upcoming events as well as fun facts
about our staff.
 The province will be introducing a new
computer system in late spring and
the whole province is in training as we
We have 16 regular
caseworkers and 2
specialized caseworkers.
There are 2 childcare
coordinators and 2
Housing Support
We also have 8 clerical, 2
case aides, 5 manager, 1
director, 1 senior
caseworker, 2 family
support workers, 1
eligibility review officer,
and 1 financial officer
 Dental
for an adult up to
$500/yr of preventative or
emergency dental.
 Dentures up to a maximum of
$475 upper and $475 lower.
Eye Glasses every 2 years up
to $150 or $175 for bifocals
Some assistive devices in
combination with ADP funding.
Basic funeral services
 Dental
and Vision care for children.
 Drug benefits for all members of
the benefit unit.
 Diabetic supplies
 Medical transportation
Full time employment benefit – up to $500
in a 12 month period.
Employment related expenses
◦ This may include criminal check, safety
equipment, and work wear
Other employment and employment
assistance benefit - $253 in 12 month
◦ This may include work wear, grooming, tools,
licensing, transportation etc.
 At
one time ODSP and OW were
housed in the same building.
 In 2012 the ODSP relocated to
downtown London.
 We do not share the same staff,
clients, funds, rules,
You must be financially eligible for both
programs however ODSP has a secondary
eligibility requirement relating to disability.
 To apply for disability you must have a doctor
to complete the necessary forms.
 We will not be answering any questions about
ODSP today because we do not
deliver the program.
$200 Earnings
Exemption + 50%
Asset limit was
increased to
$2500 for a single
person and $5000
for a couple.
Social Assistance rates increased by 1%.
This means a single person could
receive a maximum of $626 which
includes $376 shelter
and $250 for basic needs.
 Gifts
or small payments are exempt
up to $6000 in a 12 month period.
 Earnings
are exempt if you are in
high school.
 All
new clients now require a Notice of
Assessment as verification of income in order
to complete an application for child care fee
 Effective
January 1, 2007, the amount that
you pay for child care is calculated using the
information on Line 236 on your Notice of
Child Care Subsidy Program
Family income less than $20,000.00
receive a full subsidy
$20-40,000.00 pay 10% over 12 months
For example: $20,000 of income means
$2,000/12 months = client portion,
$166/month, OW subsidy would pay
Child Care Subsidy Program
Participants on Employment
Assistance activities under the
Ontario Works Act may be
eligible to receive fee subsidy
funding for children up to 12
years of age or under 18 years
of age for children with
special needs.
The Province of Ontario has launched a website
to help parents make informed decisions
about childcare.
To apply for Child Care subsidy call Ontario
Works at 519-631-9350 option 3.
How do I apply?
The application and wait list for subsidized
housing are located at the Elgin and St.
Thomas Housing Corporation on Princess
Our application form is available online or at
the following locations:
St. Thomas-Elgin Ontario Works office
423 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
Elgin and St. Thomas Housing Corporation
9 Princess Avenue, Unit 5 St. Thomas
Most social service agencies in St. Thomas
(CCAC, Elgin Association for Community
Living, etc.)
Special Priority Status is given to victims of family
violence; these applications are given priority at
the top of the waiting list.
HeLP is a fund that provides
financial assistance to
low-income households to
prevent homelessness
What kind of costs are eligible?
 Rent
 Utility Arrears
 Costs to establish a permanent residence
 Other costs as approved by a Supervisor
The maximum amount of HeLP assistance
payable in a 12-month period is:
$650 per households with no children
$1250 per household with children
Applicants must:
 Be homeless or in immediate danger
of losing their housing and therefore
at risk of homelessness
 Must have a disconnect notice from
the utility provider
 Be residents of the City of St. Thomas
or Elgin County
If you are receiving OW contact your
caseworker for HeLP assistance
People who are not in receipt of Ontario
Works can contact the Intake Line at 519631-9350 option 3.

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