Business Office - Saint Francis University

SOAR 2014
Tom Kendziora, Assistant Controller
Ashley Krinjeck, Bursar
Alyssa Sheehan, Accounts Receivable
Business Office
◦ General Contact Information
◦ Student Billing
◦ Methods of Payment
◦ Student Account Information
◦ Miscellaneous
Business Office – (814) 472-3006 or [email protected]
◦ Scotus Hall, Room 323
◦ Office Hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Student Account Questions:
◦ Christina Wood (Cashier)
 (814) 472-3007
 [email protected]
◦ Alyssa Sheehan (Accounts Receivable Specialist)
 (814) 472-2884
 [email protected]
Fall Billing
◦ Registration: April
◦ First Fall Bill: July 3rd
◦ Fall Bill Due: August 3rd
Spring Billing
◦ Registration: November
◦ First Spring Bill: December 3rd
◦ Spring Bill Due: January 3rd
Bills are posted online the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month.
Fall 2014
Orientation Fee:
Flat Tuition Rate:
Standard Room Rate:
Meal Plan (unlimited):
Technology Fee:
Total Per Semester:
200.00 CR
$ 15,014.00
$ 2,703.00
$ 2,677.00
---------------$ 20,819.00
Spring 2015
$ 15,014.00
$ 2,703.00
$ 2,677.00
Health Insurance
Laptop Buyout – if a student does not return
their laptop when they are done at St. Francis a
fee will be added to buy the laptop
Library Fines – non returned items will have a
fine added to the student’s bill
Parking Fines – any parking fines will be added
to the student’s bill
◦ Mandatory for all full-time students
◦ Must enroll or waive insurance. If no action is taken,
the student is automatically enrolled and billed on
student account.
Saint Francis University Business Office web
◦ Financial Information tab on the left:
 Tuition & Fee Schedule; Payment Information; Student
Insurance; Withdrawal Policy – Tuition Refunds / Office
Contact Information
Both of these websites are being updated and
finalized for the 2014-2015 academic year.
S.O.A.R. 2014 – Saint Francis University
If borrowing the Federal Direct Stafford loans - Complete the Master
promissory note and loan entrance counseling after July 1st using
the student’s federal pin number at
Parent Plus loan – available after July 1st using the parent’s pin
number at
Alternative loan options – available after July 1st at
Federal work-study information will be mailed the end of July
Netpartner – new for 2014 – students can review their aid
information and any financial aid missing documentation on
Netpartner will be used for all future aid award letters!
Verification packet – 1 of every 3 students selected.
Complete the verification packet and tax information (IRS
Tax transcripts only – not copy of tax return!)
Complete verification as soon as possible for most accurate
aid amounts.
Student credit history – keeping a clean credit history is
important, especially for graduate program completion.
Make payments on time – credit card and cell phone bills.
If credit is blemished may not be eligible to borrow future
private loans!
Outside scholarship checks can be dropped off or sent to
the Financial Aid Office.
Tap 521 or pre-paid tuition accounts – work directly with
your servicer. May need to send in a copy of the bill.
Drop in session today from 11:30 am to 4 pm today in
disepio 211
Saint Francis University
Office of financial Aid
PO Box 600
Loretto, PA 15940
Phone (814) 472-3010

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