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Annie Jr. Costumes
• For the first few scenes Annie should be dressed
like the other orphans: ragged layers of clothing,
laced boots or shoes, tattered socks and an
oversized sweater, unkempt reddish wig.
• Annie will need a winter dress coat to wear over
her orphan clothes.
• During the last half of scenes Annie should wear
her trademark short-sleeved red dress with with
collar. She should also have white socks and
black shoes with straps. Her hair should be neat.
• It is important the orphans look ragged and
tough. The orphans might wear shirts and
sweaters over skirts, smocks or flannel
nightgowns; layering is very important –
matching is not!! Their hair can be extremely
• Hair accessories could be fashioned from
ripped pieces of clothes.
• Molly should have a scruffy teddy bear.
Miss Hannigan
• Miss Hannigan should always look a bit out of
sync with her surroundings. Her hair should look
like she has just woken up. Her dress should
gaudy and cheap (1930’s floral print) and perhaps
have a slip hanging down from under the dress.
Stockings should be rolled down and she should
wear beads or a boa (along with a whistle on a
• She will need a long coat when visiting the
Warbucks mansion.
Miss Hannigan
Oliver Warbucks
• He is always dressed formally, in a dark suit,
white shirt and bow tie. A tuxedo jacket with
black bow tie and cummerbund would be
• He also needs a hat (top hat) and coat.
• Possibly use a rubber skullcap to create the
bald effect.
Oliver Warbucks
Rooster Hannigan and Lily St. Regis
• His costume should be as colorful as his personality.
His hair might be parted and slicked back. A
mustache would be appropriate. Rooster’s clothes
should be gaudy. Suspenders, a fedora, and a money
sign tie would be good. He will need a different
jacket when he is in “disguise”. Possibly also wearing
a pair of glasses with a fake nose attached.
• Lily should be outlandish and gaudy. A brightcolored dress with matching handbag and pumps are
ideal. She will have a compact and lipstick in her
bag. A bizarre wig can help complete the look.
Rooster Hannigan and Lily St. Regis
Bundles McCloskey
• He can dress in a uniform shirt.
For comic effect, you can pad his
undershirt to create a potbelly.
Pants and shoes should be of
deliveryman variety with a casual
deliveryman’s cap. A half-full
laundry bag is ideal.
Grace Farrell
She always dresses with thought
and style (possibly has a couple
outfits for the show). She should
look professional, possibly
wearing a suit and hat for her
first entrance.
Drake and Servants
• Tuxedos or tails would be ideal for the male
servants. Plain white shirts with bow ties or
ascots could be a good alternative. Drake can
have a different tie or jacket to set him apart
from the other servants. The female servants
may wear a black skirt and blouse with a
white apron from home.
• All servants need to be dressed and groomed
neatly, with nothing out of place.
Drake and Servants
Dog Catcher and Sandy
• The dog catcher’s costume should look like a
uniform – perhaps a dark shirt, matching
pants and a hat with the words DOG CATCHER
on it. He can also carry a big net.
• Sandy can wear a furry, hooded one-piece
costume with floppy ears and tail.

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