New Family Welcome St. Mary*s School

to St. Mary’s School!
I’ve enrolled my child. NOW what?
What is expected of parents?
• Some of your time. Please volunteer!
• Parents and families make St. Mary’s work
• Each family’s minimum requirement: 35 hours
(5 for the ball and auction)
• Track your St. Mary’s volunteer hours and
record them in the 3-ring binder in the office
• Hours are audited in the spring
What is expected of parents?
Opportunities to volunteer:
• PTO-sponsored events
• Parish activities
• In the classroom (ask your child’s teacher)
• Field trips
• Library assistance
• Lunch servers & monitors
• After-School Activities Program
What is expected of parents?
ALL volunteers are required to take the
• Includes training class + background check
• Opportunities to attend are limited so RSVP
and attend ASAP!
• Required before volunteering in
classroom, on field trips, at events
What is expected of parents?
Know the field trip driver rules:
• Take the Safe Environment Training
• Leave a copy of your valid driver’s license and
car insurance with the office
• NO texts or calls!
• No videos
• No unauthorized stops
How do I know what’s going on?
• Weekly newsletter e-mailed
on Mondays
• Contact Roni Pratt
if you don’t receive it!
[email protected]
How do I know what’s going on?
• Check out the St. Mary’s School website:
• Friend the St. Mary’s Boise Facebook page
• Call the school: 208-342-7476
• Ask your child’s teacher
• Find a buddy – ask around or
ask the PTO to connect you
with a mentor
What is the dress code?
• Complete information is in the uniform policy
• Shorts OK until Thanksgiving (except mass day)
• Fridays are MASS days!
– Girls: White dress shirt + skirt or jumper
– Boys: White dress shirt + tie + pants (no shorts)
What is the dress code?
• Every Monday is Spirit Shirt Day
– St. Mary’s t-shirt OK for top
– Uniform bottoms (shorts, pants, or skirt)
– Buy spirit shirts from Student Council - sale soon
• Jeans Day is the LAST Monday of every month.
– Choice of top OK as long as it is neat and modest
– It’s not “casual day” – it’s JEANS day
– Blue jeans only – no other colors
– No jeggings, skinny or ripped jeans
What time does school start?
The day starts with prayer in the gym.
Students must be in the gym by 8:05 a.m.
The school day starts at 8:10 a.m. sharp!
At 8:10 a.m. the gym door is locked and you
have to check your student in at the office.
How does drop off work?
• Please drive slowly in parking lot!
• Turn into the parking lot from the 28th Street
gate entrance
• Avoid using the alley
• Avoid parking in front of the school
• Parents are welcome to join morning
prayer in the gym
What is the morning routine?
• Prayer Square every day: 8:10 a.m. in the gym
• Students stand with their class
• Mrs. White rings the bell to start the day!
– Announcements
– Birthdays
– Prayer and song
– Pledge of Allegiance
– Students & teachers to classrooms
– Fridays: Students & teachers go to 8:30 mass
What’s for lunch? When is it?
• Lunch schedule:
– Grades K-5th:11:40 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.
– Grades 6th-8th: 12:15 to 12:35 p.m.
• Please pack nut-free foods only!
• Allergy-free table available
• Healthy Hot Lunch program available
– Place orders online!
What happens after school?
• School ends at 3:10 p.m.
– Half-day kindergarten ends at 11:20 a.m.
• All students must be picked up by 3:30 p.m.
• Each class leaves together and comes to the
front of the school
• Students in the School Enrichment
Program meet at the gate between
the Parish Hall and School.
What is the “Parish Hall”?
This is St. Mary’s Parish Hall
Inside: Parish and clergy offices, meeting rooms
What happens at Friday Mass?
• Parents are welcome to attend
• On Fridays students bring gifts to mass
• Spartan Spotlight tells you what to bring:
– Food = Non-perishable food for Food Bank
– Corpus Christi = Toiletries for shelter
– Treasure = Monetary offering
– Time = Personal commitment
What is the Buddy Program?
• Students in grades K-4th are paired up with a
buddy in grades 5th-8th
• Buddies sit together at mass, work together in
• Buddy serves as:
– Mentor
– Cheerleader
– Support system
– Role model
– Friend
What if I have a question?
• Ask your child’s teacher about:
– Your child’s schoolwork and progress
– How you can help in the classroom
• Ask the principal about:
– School programming and administration
– How you can make our school better
• Ask the PTO about:
– How you can help
– Advice from other parents
What is the PTO?
• PTO is charged with covering the difference
between tuition and operating expenses
• PTO Board makes decisions about how
to raise this money
• All parents and teachers are members
of the PTO!
• Board elections are in the spring
• PLEASE consider volunteering!
Who is on the PTO Board?
President: Megan Griffin
President-Elect: Rondee Blessing
Treasurer: Eric Thomson
Secretary: Annie Granvall
Past President: Emily Kane
What is the Governing Board?
• Our Parish Priest, Father Faucher, oversees the
Parish and its ministries (Church, School, Food
• Fr. Faucher has delegated oversight of the School
to the School Governing Board
• SGB makes big-picture decisions on
budget, programming, sustainability,
faculty, etc.
• SGB includes parishioners, parents of
present and former students
What is the Creegan Foundation?
• Long-term endowment that makes annual
contribution to St. Mary’s School
• Annual contribution is based on success of
portfolio performance
• Keep in mind for estate planning, large gifts
• To donate or learn more, contact the school
We’re glad you’re here!
• You’re at St. Mary’s because you believe in the
value of a Catholic education
• Please ask questions and share your ideas
about how we can make our school even

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