1 - Credit Union for Berkeley Students, Faculty, and Staff

Spring 2013 Recruitment
Information and History
Internship Requirements
Professional Development Overview
Committee Descriptions
Teaching Financial Literacy Decal
Meet the Interns
Board of Directors
VP of Professional Development
Community Outreach Director
IT director
VP of Operations
VP of Finance
Public Relations Director
Committee Directors Recruiting
*Marketing Director
*Human Resources Director
*Member Services Director
• Eunice Lam
• James Wang
• Tram Nguyen
Felicity Tang
Wenyi Chin
Akash Patel
David Wu
Melissa Zhang
Ben Hu
Jacob Markus
What is SFAC?
• Student organization that manages CUBS
Credit Union
for Berkeley
Faculty and
Staff (CUBS)
• Previously located in Lower Sproul
What is a Credit Union?
• Like a ‘small bank’
• The major difference between a bank and a
credit union is that a credit union is non-profit
• Non-profit: lower interests on loans, higher
interest on account
CUBS vs. other banks
CUBS (Credit Union for Berkeley Students, Faculty and Staff)
• Serving primarily
students (~2000)
• Moving to Sather Lane
• Started by students in
the 1970s until it
became incorporated by
the Cooperative Center
Federal Credit Union
Credit Union
vs banks
Information about
Credit Unions
in the US
• ~ 92 million in the US are CU members
Federal CU
(main branch)
• On Ashby and Adeline
• ~ 8,200 credit unions
So what is SFAC all about?
• Hands-on experience as a
• Get experience working
on projects that interest
• 2-3 hours/week
• Operations training,
• General meetings
Wednesday 7-8 pm (1
• Committee meeting TBD
after recruitment (1 hour)
Branch Operations
Interacting with Members
Opening and Closing Accounts
Depositing checks
Debit card applications
Running background checks
Shared Branching
Using New Technology and Software
Professional Development
Real Internship Experience
Hands-on Experience Running a Business
Personal and Professional Etiquette
Resume/Cover Letter Critiques
Internal Workshops
Mock Interviews
Mentorship Program
Career Panels
Haas Application Workshop
Networking with Alumni and Professionals
Track Record
• One of the highest Haas acceptance rates
• Case competition wins
•1st Place, 2012 Google Case Comp
•1st Place, 2012 Deloitte Consulting: Business Technology Case
•1st Place, 2012 Pratham USA Social Media Case
•1st Place, Finalist, 2011 Yelp-ZS Associates: Business Development Case
•1st Place, 2011 Altria Marketing Case
•1st Place, 2011 ZS Associates: Pharmaceutical Consulting Case
•1st Place, 2011 Deloitte Consulting: Human Capital Consulting
•1st Place, 2011 Ernst & Young: “Your World, Your Vision” Case
•1st Place, Finalist, 2010 Ernst & Young: Strategy Consulting Case
•1st Place, 2010 Rothstein Kass: Hedge Fund Accounting Case
•Finalist, 2010 FTI Consulting: Litigation Consulting Case
Recruitment success
Alumni Network
Marketing Committee
Marketing Committee
Increase awareness of CUBS as Cal’s only
financial institution
Promote CUBS and SFAC events on campus
Continue to establish SFAC as a respectful
and unique student group
What We Do
•Promote webisodes
•Posters/ updates on social media
•Communicate with local business to get promotions
Member Services
What is member services?
•Manage projects that deal with our members.
•Maintain branch functions and inventory.
•Develop customer relations and satisfactions.
•Bi-annual newsletter
•Members Appreciation Week
•Caller's Day
•Grand Opening
Who we are looking for?
Human Resources
Responsibilities of HR
•Beginning of Semester Retreat
•Alumni Relations
•End of Semester Banquet
•Who we're looking for - active, fun
individual with great ideas and who is able to
take initiative
Public Relations
What We Do
Focus on conceiving and organizing two PR events
with other Haas sponsored organizations to
o 1) Build connections with similar clubs on campus
o 2) Provide events for CUBS members.
o 3) Publicize the group through activity.
This semester we intend to hold bonding events for
PR Committee members. (cause we're the best)
Money Management Coaching
UGBA 98/198
Money Management Coaching
UGBA 98/198: Teaching Financial Literacy
Course Objectives
This course is designed for students who want to establish a foundation in
financial literacy and to apply that knowledge to assist the low-income population in
the community.
Specifically, this course will explore topics including credit cards, debit cards,
student loan debt, credit reports, credit scores, and more.
SFAC partnership with Suitcase Clinic
The Application Process
•Applications due Friday, February 8th by Midnight
•Interviews on the evenings of Monday, February 11th
and Tuesday, February 12th
•Plan to hear back at the latest by Sunday, February
10th at noon regarding interview slots and advancement
into the personal interview stage - interviews are formal
•Meet and Greet Wednesday, February 13th
•Final decisions released Thursday by midnight
•Be prepared for our free Spring retreat in Napa Valley
from Friday, February 15th to Sunday, February 17th
•Application available at cubsonline.org/SFAC
What is in this for YOU?
Internship experience working in a financial institution
Small tight-knit group and lasting friendships
Professional development workshops
Committee experience
A vast network of CUBS alumni who are working for JPMorgan, Google, Ernst &
Young, PwC, Deloitte, Macy's & more!
Come talk to us!
*Marketing Director
*Human Resources Director
*Member Services Director
• Eunice Lam
• James Wang
• Tram Nguyen

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