Lorraine Mansfield, Extra Care Development Manager, Orbit

Practical Approach and Model to Delivering Extra Care Housing
St Bede's – Our Vision and Journey
Lorraine Mansfield - Extra Care Development Manager
What I will cover
Orbits vision for Extra care housing
Introduction to the scheme
Approach and Model
Design and Features
St Bede’s journey
Lessons Learnt
Any Questions
Our Vision for Extra Care Housing &
St Bede’s Extra care
Orbits vision is to deliver
inspirational, exciting housing for
the ageing population. Through
individual architectural designs
and interiors offering a 5 star hotel
feel to customers living on our
schemes. Offering a lifestyle
choice with a mixed range of
communal areas.
St Bede’s is a specialist scheme
where customers are able to live
independently in their own selfcontained luxury apartment.,
whilst enjoying the use of
extensive communal facilities.
St Bede’s started life as a
catholic school. When it closed in
2006, Orbit bought the land to
develop as Extra Care housing
St Bede’s is a mixed tenure
scheme of 53 shared ownership
and 51 for affordable rent
First Extra Care scheme in
Bedford offering a mixed tenure.
Approach and Model
We have a target to deliver 1,500
extra care apartments for 2020
which fits in with our target of
12,000 homes for Orbit for 2020.
Extra Care has grown since we
developed our first scheme in
Stratford on Avon in 2010.
Our model for Extra Care is a 1/3
low care 1/3 medium care 1/3 high
Orbit do not deliver the care but
work in partnerships with a
domiciliary care provider who is on
site 24/7
Design and Features At St Bede’s
The buildings have three different street frontages, each with a different
architectural style, which work together to create a cohesive overall
scheme. The building appears to be a series of domestic scaled blocks, but
it is in fact all under one roof, which allows customer to access communal
areas without having to outside.
Design and planning of the entrance court was important, as it was felt that
environmental factors should be considered, as well as parking allocation,
landscaping, accessibility and security.
A Feature Staircase has been introduced into the villas that we have
retained, the staircase is a floating design away from the wall and can be
seen through the glazed window from the street.
Circulation areas have been designed to encourage interaction amongst
customers through the use of seating and atria.
Designs and Features At St Bede’s cont’d
A large atrium is located closed to the cinema lounge, which creates a
vibrant and naturally lit communal space at the heart of the building.
The landscape design evolved simultaneously with the building plan, which
began to shape a series of external areas. The intention was to give each
space a distinct character and function to provide greater variety for the
customers. This approach led to the creation of four separate communal
garden areas.
An intimate cloister garden – off the front of the existing and new villas.
The primary communal garden which has a water feature in
A sensory Garden – provided in a central position and can be assessed
from the communal lounge and activities room.
A horticultural garden – This has given customer the opportunity to pursue
gardening and a range of horticultural projects.
Interior Design and Building design At St
Working with Interior designers from PRP we wanted the scheme to have a
5 star hotel feel when the customers and visitors walked through the door.
This was achieved by working with exciting interior concepts. We
developed a great schedule of colours and range of furniture
A large reception was created with customers and volunteers providing the
reception cover.
A large reception area is through the communal doors.
Situated behind the reception is the Lounge, Restaurant and Games Room.
Large sliding doors will give you access onto the communal garden with a
covered pagoda and seating.
A water feature runs the length of the garden and this features the Minton
tiles pattern found in the entrance to the old school.
Refurbishment of the Old Villas
The oldest buildings on site were part of a convent built around 1900; later
converted into the catholic school of St Bede’s. Over the years these buildings
were extended until the decision was made to close the school. The buildings
were left unoccupied with only the small two-storey Victorian villa – known as
Elmstone Lodge being utilised by a charity called Sight Concern.
Extra Care Features at St Bede’s
We have the latest warden call digital technology enabling us to offer
Assistive Technology devices to customer living at St Bede’s
We have introduced a Pet Policy across all our Extra care schemes and we
allow the customer to replace a pet if they want to.
Activity Co-ordinator paid for by the well being charge working with
customers to put on activities they want.
Salto Locking system to all apartments doors and communal area doors,
CCTV – Secure by design requirement
Two offices one for the housing staff and one for the care team.
Communal areas for use by the customers and wider community
Restaurant, Well Being Suite, Hairdressers, Small shop, Gym, cinema
Lounge, Games Room, Activity Room, Atrium seating area on the first floor,
Assisted Spa Bathroom, and Guest Suite.
Lessons Learnt
Appoint Interior Designers earlier on in the project
Work with contractor to ensure that completion date does not slip.
Set up sales area and show apartments 9 months before completion
Look carefully at the land and what is on it, refurbishments are nice when
completed, but at what cost.
Get designs agreed at an early stage.
Pictures of St Bede’s
St Bede’s Extra Care Scheme
Thank you for listening.
Any Questions?

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