African Americans in the 1930s

African Americans in the 1930 and
the history of Alabama
Most African American were forced to go
to schools for black people especially in
the South due to segregation. Also African
Americans could only pass middle school
then they can’t be in high school. The
reason being because most whites
thought African Americans are too dumb to
learn advanced learning. Soon in 1932
some African Americans from Philadelphia
started a group called the Educational
Equality League of Philadelphia. And they
had three main goals one to stop
Segregation of Schools. Another was to
hire Black teachers, and to allow African
Americans into Philadelphia School board.
Soon it influenced all states to allow the
banning of Segregation for schools.
 Most African Americans did not
have many rights as much as
whites because most whites were
racist and especially in the south
where there is a lot of Segregation.
Soon African Americans had rights
as much rights as whites they just
weren’t fair like the right to use
public transportation like a bus but
African Americans had to sit in the
back and whites in the front. One
right African Americans did not
have was the right to vote even
though it is stated that all men were
equal this right was banned
especially in the south.
 Most African Americans that had jobs
were not as good as the ones whites
had since of segregation. But the
jobs they did have were usually all
farmers or worked for farmers they
also worked at windmills and as
servants and in foundries and some
were also teachers for schools of
African Americans. Others were
venders that sold lot of different
products such as fish, meat, and
poultry etc.. And another job they had
was being fishers and others joined
the army to serve.
African Americans during the
 When the Great Depression impacted
people in the 1930s it affected African
Americans as well. Soon the
government could no longer afford to
fund schools for African Americans.
Also almost all African Americans got
laid off their jobs and their
unemployment rate was 4 times as
much as whites during the Depression.
Also the only jobs African Americans
could had were dangerous like working
in a foundry. Some African Americans
joined Strikes and riots to demand jobs
for them selves along with whites and
soon they all survived the Great
History of Alabama
 Alabama was founded by 1819 and it was nicknamed the
“Heart of Dixie”. It’s population is 4,802,740 million people
and they are

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