What is BBC Children in Need?

BBC Children in Need 2014
Learning Outcome:
to understand more about the charity and
consider ways in which we can help
What does it mean to be a child in need?
What does it mean to be a child in need?
Children who experience disadvantage as a result of:
• Disability
• Illness
• Poverty
• Deprivation
• Being victims of other people’s
What is BBC Children in Need?
A charity is an
that uses money
it is given or has
raised to help
To be charitable means to
show kindness or
generosity to others
when they need it
You can be
by giving
How is the money donated to
BBC Children in Need spent?
How is the money donated to
BBC Children in Need spent?
Here are just a few of the ways…
Giving families support so that they can spend time together
Giving children a safe place to play
Giving children opportunities to take part in exciting activities
Enabling children to become involved in sports
Setting up reading workshops
Maintaining youth groups in different areas
Funding activities like play therapy
But why me? Why should I help?
To make
feel good!
To be
for others
shows you
are caring
To make a
To change
Being an active citizen
Think about your own role within our school or community. Perhaps you are a
member of a club or the School Council? Maybe you just want to show how
much you care?
Every day people everywhere are doing fantastic things to transform the lives of
others and make our world a better
place. This can be as simple as speaking up if something is
unfair or doing practical things like fundraising or
What have we learnt?
BBC Children in Need makes us aware of the lives
of other children in the UK. We can reflect on the
daily struggles that some children have. We realise
that not everybody is as fortunate as us. We see
that a lot of the things that we take for granted many
children never have.
Now it’s our turn to help!
 We are going to participate in an activity to decide
different ways that we can help
 Finally, we are all going to make a pledge
Here are a few examples of
how you can help!
Good luck with your fundraising activity - whatever
you decide on, you’re all heroes!
Time to make a pledge
By making a pledge to BBC Children in Need we are
making a special promise to do or give something.

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