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RTI Resources
National & State Resources:
• Webinars
• Tools (forms, tool-kits, rubrics)
• PL modules
Freer-Bibb 2/2014
GaDOE and Fidelity
GaDOE Chapter on RTI and Fidelity
GaDOE/SERVE Chapter on R-B Interventions
Georgia RTI
Georgia’s Promising Practices in RTI includes an Georgia’s RTI
Leaders’ Panel Discussion and four teams representing the 2012
SSTAGE RTI STAR Award winning system , elementary, middle and high
• Georgia’s RTI Leaders’ Panel: Realizing the Potential of RTI
• System Level- Griffin Spalding County
• High School Level- Ware Co High School
• Middle School Level- Teasley Middle, Cherokee Co
• Elementary School Level- Woodstock Elementary, Cherokee Co
Georgia’s Promising RTI Practices
RTI Leaders Panel
Griffin Spalding County School System
Ware County High School
Teasley Middle School
Woodstock Elementary
State Guidance on
Research and Evidence Based Resources
GaDOE RTI Webpage
RTI Guidance Manual 2011
Parent GaPOI/RTI Brochure/Parent Chapter
GaDOE SST Webpage
Materials and resources:
• RTI Tools
• Implementation of the
RTI framework at the
state, district, and local
Connecting RTI to New Priorities:
Aligning Educational Initiatives
(Center on Instruction, 2011)
The Center on Instruction hosted a webinar Oct-2011 discussing
states’ implementation of new priorities and how these initiatives
align with Response to Intervention (RTI):
 School Improvement Grants (SIG),
 College & Career Ready Standards (including Common Core
State Standards),
 Meeting the needs of diverse student populations,
Connecting RTI to New Priorities: Aligning Educ. Initiatives/pdf
Connecting RTI to New Priorities: Aligning Educ. Initiatives/pwrpt
RTI Alignment Planning Packet/doc
Tier 1 Resources
UDL PD Resources on GPB
UDL, Part 1: Principles of Universal Design
UDL, Part 2: Scaffolding Texts & Providing Explicit
Strategy Instruction
Intervention Tools
Evidence Based Intervention Network
Dr. T. Chris Riley-Tillman, School Psych-Univ. of Missouri
*Evidence Briefs
*Intervention Scripts
Top Reasons for Academic Problems
(Daly & Martens, 1997; EB Interv ret www. 2012 )
• The task is too hard for the • The student has demonstrated the
student skill before, but has difficulty
applying the skill in a new
Acquisition Interventions
manner • They have not had enough Generalization Interventions
help doing the task
Proficiency/Accuracy Interv’s
• The student has not spent
enough time doing the
academic activity Proficiency/Speed Interv’s
• The student does not want to do
the academic task
Motivation Interventions
Intervention Tools
Intervention Central
Reading Intervention Manual
Peer Tutoring Reading Manual
Reading Intervention
•(HELPS) Program is to assist students with their reading fluency.
Multiple studies evaluating the effects of the HELPS Program
show that students who receive this program, compared to
those who do not, significantly improve their reading fluency
and reading comprehension (references and articles available upon request
[email protected])
•In Georgia, with a four-tiered model, HELPS may be appropriate
at Tiers 1-4. There is also a HELPS Program that can be used
with small groups of students (typically used as part of Tier 1
and Tier 2 instruction), and a Spanish version of the program
(Leamos para Avanzar) also exists.
National Center on Response to Intervention
This free site is supported by the US Department of Education,
the National Center on Response to Intervention (RTI) provides
information to individuals and technical assistance to state
educational agencies across the country about RTI.
Institute of Education Sciences (IES) - National Center
for Educational Evaluation and Regional Assistance
Spring of 2009 two practice guides on RTI were released, one on
reading and one on mathematics. Other helpful information
ranges from improving adolescent literacy to reducing behavior
problems at the elementary school level.
Intervention Science
Colorado Blueprints
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
RTI Guidance Manual 2011
GaDOE/SERVE RTI Guidance Series: Using Research to
Select Interventions
National Center on RTI- Tools Chart
Research Institute on Progress Monitoring
National Center on Student Progress Monitoring
This site provides information on the scientifically based practice of
screening and monitoring students' skill development. Many
different tools are available.
Florida Center on Reading Research
This site provides multiple intervention ideas linked to the five
essential components of effective early reading instruction.
Interventions for individuals or small groups can be effective early
reading in printed in their entirety.
Intervention Fidelity/Integrity Forms
Many research based interventions have
those fidelity tools available
PL Fidelity Tools
Fidelity of RTI process forms:
RTI Integrity Framework Tools
PL Fidelity Tools
National Center on RTI
Fidelity of Implementation -RTI Framework
Dr. Mellard
• Webinar (56 min)
• Power Point
• Fidelity forms/tools
IRIS Vanderbilt-PL Tools
• The IRIS Center for Training Enhancements. (2010).
Fidelity of Implementation: Selecting and Implementing
Evidence-Based Practices and Programs Retrieved on [July
2012] from
Intervention Central PL
Fidelity Toolkit
Intervention Integrity Part 1: Building Integrity into
the Academic Intervention in the Design Phase
Intervention Central PL
Fidelity Toolkit
Intervention Integrity Part 2: Using Multiple
Measures to Track the Quality With Which
Interventions Are Carried Out

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