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Free College Tuition?
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Senate Bill 155 & RPOS
Lisa Beck
Associate Director Career Technical
Education (KBOR)
[email protected]
Martin Kollman
Education Program Consultant
[email protected]
Governor’s Initiative for CTE
 Improve
education by increasing the
percentage of students who are career
and college ready upon high school
 Improve CTE with additional funding
 Result = SB 155
Key Components of SB 155
 Student
Tuition Support ($8.75 million)
• Tuition paid for all KBOR approved CTE courses
 School
Transportation Costs ($500,000)
 Incentives to High Schools for Certificates
Earned in Key Occupations ($1.5 million)
• $1,000 for graduates with credentials
 Funding
for Marketing/Outreach ($50,000)
Student Tuition
 Tuition
paid for all KBOR approved CTE
 Students may be charged for fees and
books but not tuition
 Must be Postsecondary Tiered Technical
Qualifying Credentials
 High
Wage, High Demand Occupations
determined by KDOL
 List
of Qualifying Credentials for $1,000
High School Incentive
Qualifying Credentials
 Agriculture
 Construction
 Machining
 Welding
 Health
 Automotive
 Computer
Collecting Your $1,000
 Credential
Completion Form Submitted in
June to KSDE (after graduation)
 Once confirmed by KSDE, KBOR sends
the $1,000 to the student’s High School
 Questions contact KSDE Help Line at
[email protected] or (785) 296-3201
Tuition Free College Credit
 Kansas
students can take CTE courses as
college or dual credit.
 Courses may be offered by college faculty
or postsecondary approved high school
 Courses can be offered at the Kansas high
school, college, or distance education
CTE Marketing Campaign
Put Your Passion To Work!
 Posters
 FAQs
 Videos
 Fact
 Tri-fold
(also in Spanish)
 TV and Theatre Spots
 Order Form
Posters and Videos
 Registered
 Lineman
 Welder
 Computer
> CTE > CTE Newsletters > SB
155 Reference Materials
Resources (con’t)
 Updated
list of FAQs
 Order Form for Brochures & Posters
 List of Qualifying Credentials
Rigorous Programs of Study
What is RPOS?
 A grant
that supports schools in developing new
pathways and enhancing existing pathways to a
modeling level.
 Federal RPOS is directed to the Manufacturing
Production pathway only at this time.
 State RPOS is designed to build new, high
need, pathways with supportive
structure and resources.
Schools Involved
Federal RPOS - 4 yr. Grant
• USD115 Nemaha Valley
• USD253 Emporia
• USD259 Wichita
• USD260 Derby
• Butler Community College
• Flint Hills Technical College
• Fort Hays State University
• Hutchinson Community College
• Manhattan Area Technical
• Wichita Area Technical College
* (Manufacturing Production Pathway)
Current Pathway vs. RPOS
Meets State
Articulation Committees
Career Opportunities for
Pathway Improvement
Meets Most Student
+ Meet Business & Industry
+ Is Actively Involved with
Curriculum & Students
+ Job Shadow, Externships,
Work Experience
+ Professional Development
& Blend Academics
+ Industry Certificates &
Post-Secondary Credit
Examples but NOT limited to…
Tips for Rigorous Pathways
Staff, CTE & Academic teacher meet & discuss
Meet student & teacher needs through industry based skills
& certifications
Active involvement with business & industry in school
Teachers receive regular professional development to stay
current and meet trends
Collaboration with post-secondary to offer dual CTE credit to
students and smooth transition
Blending of curriculum among CTE and academic teacher to
add additional value to common core/academic subjects
Teacher Examples
Technical Skill Assessments - Collaborative
• Generic rubric for project based learning that matches
technical skills and 21st Century Skills
• 100 question knowledge based skills test
► Safety
► Mathematics
► Procedure
► Work Skills
► Software, Equipment
& Technology
Teacher Examples
Blended CTE & Academic Curriculum
• Share lessons and project ideas
• Matching Vocabulary
• Identify Real-World Application
• Similar Testing Question Types as
Standardized Tests
• Sharing Resources Between Departments
• Collaborative Planning Time Across Multiple CTE
Pathways and Academic Classes
• Making CTE Essential in Student Academic Success
Contact Information
Lisa Beck
Associate Director Career Technical Education
Kansas Board of Regents
[email protected]
Martin Kollman
Education Program Consultant
Kansas State Department of Education
[email protected]

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