Daytona State College 2013 Legislative Session Summary

Daytona State College
Cabinet – June 18, 2013
• Community College Program
Fund (CCPF) Daytona State
College allocation $50,626,420
Capital Project
• Capital Project –
Classroom/Student Services
Building - $3,000,000
• Vetoed
SB 1720
• Redefines “developmental
education” as accelerated,
modularized, contextualized
and compressed coursework.
• Defines “Gatekeeper Courses”
and “Meta-majors”
• Requires very specific
notification to each student
about developmental
education options
SB 1720
• Exempts Florida public high
school graduates who entered
high school in 2003-04 school
year and any thereafter who
earned a standard high school
diploma from placement
• Exempts active duty members
of the U.S. military from
placement testing.
SB 1720
• State Board of Education to
establish meta-majors and
academic pathways by
December 31, 2013.
• Each college must submit a
developmental education plan
to the Chancellor by March 1,
• All colleges must implement
developmental education
plans by Fall 2014
SB 1720
• Requires annual accountability
reports to the Governor,
Legislature and State Board of
• Increases limit for Florida
College fee exemptions from
40 to 54 FTE, or 1% of the
college’s total FTE enrollment,
whichever is greater.
• General Education Provisions
• Restores general education
credits to 36 from 30
• Delays implementation of core
academic courses to 2015-16
• Other Provisions
SB 1720
• Revises duties and membership
of the Higher Education
Coordinating Council
SB 1076
Career and
Professional Academies
• Primarily a K-12, career
technical center bill.
• Provisions apply to Florida
colleges offering career and
technical education
• Requires development of
Postsecondary Industry
Certification Funding List for
performance funds.
• $1,000 per specified industry
• Requires the State Board of
Education to recommend a
performance funding
methodology for Florida
Colleges based on
SB 1076
Career and
Professional Academies
• % of graduates employed or
enrolled in further education
• Average wages of employed
• Average cost per graduate
• Similar language applies to
state’s universities.
• $10,000 baccalaureate
degree fee waivers
SB 1076
Career and
Professional Academies
• Authorizes colleges to waive any
portion of the tuition, activity and
service fee, financial aid fee,
technology fee, capital
improvement fee and distance
learning fee for the purpose of
offering a $10,000
baccalaureate degree.
• Applies to upper division
coursework only.
• Adult General Education
• Adult education students must:
SB 1076
Career and
Professional Academies
• Identify employment opportunities
using market-driven tools
• Create personalized employment
• Conduct skill and knowledge
• Compare results with what is
needed to attain employment
• Upgrade skills and knowledge
needed through adult general
education programs.
• Dual Enrollment (SB 1514)
Other Issues
• Prohibits Florida colleges from
limiting dual enrollment based on
• Requires school districts to pay
the standard tuition rate per
credit hour from Florida
Education Funding Program funds
for any public school students
taking dual enrollment courses on
college campuses.
Prepared by Sharon Crow
Senior Vice President
Governmental Relations

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