SB 535 Webinar 1-25-13 - Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Urban solar paneimes
Ensuring Clean Air, Clean Energy
and Revitalized Communities
Webinar 1/25/13
Implementation of SB 535 (de Leon)
and AB 1532 (J. Perez)
Nidia Bautista
Coalition for Clean Air
Mari Rose Taruc
Asian Pacific Environmental Network
George Alexeeff
Arsenio Mataka
Implementation: Timing
Cal EPA Process
to Identify
Investment Plan (2013-16)
January 10, 2013
Governor’s Proposed Budget
Mid-February (dates TBA)
January 2, 2013
CARB Workshops (LA, Fresno, NoCal )
Cal EnviroScreen
Draft maps released
March 2013
February 1
Public Comments Due
CARB Hearing (Sacramento)
Feb/March/April/May 2013
Legislative Budget Hearings
June 2013
Legislature Votes on 2013-14 Budget
July – after 2013
Agencies implement programs and projects
Gov’s Budget Proposal
$200 million in ‘12-’13 budget
$400 million in ‘13-’14 budget
Priorities Mentioned
Transportation: mass transit, high speed rail, electrification of
heavy duty and light duty vehicles, sustainable communities
Energy: water, PACE program,
Other areas: sustainable ag, forest mgmt and urban forestry
Preparation for the CARB Workshops
Programs we like
Our plan for the workshops
SB535 Coalition Survey Results
Nov-Dec 2012
28 people responded from the following participating organizations: The Greenlining Institute, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights,
Green for All, California ReLeaf, Rising Sun Energy Center, Central Valley Air Quality Coalition, Sprouting Justice, Azul, Rose
Foundation/New Voices Are Rising, Asian Neighborhood Design, SEACA, TransForm, Emerald Cities Oakland, Allen Temple Baptist
Church, Little Tokyo Service Center, Urban Habitat, City of Los Angeles, Center for Race, Poverty & the Environment,
Environmental Defense Fund, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Nail Salon Women Greening Their Jobs and the Environment
SB535 Coalition Survey Results
Nov-Dec 2012
Please identify *specific* existing state programs that has been
effective at reducing GHG emissions and providing co-benefits to
disadvantaged communities? Please list in order of priority & note if
the programs provide any co-benefits.
• Energy Efficiency: ESAP/WAP, IOU & municipal EE programs, Energy
Upgrade, OBR, weatherization, Healthy Homes, EECBG, appliances,
California Youth Energy Services Program, community-based
marketing, etc
• Infrastructure, Transportation, and Housing: State Transit
Assistance, TOD, urban greening grants
• Renewable Energy: CSI/MASH/SASH
• Urban Forestry: CAL FIRE's Urban & Community Forestry Program
SB535 Coalition Survey Results
Nov-Dec 2012
Please let us know if you have suggestions on new state programs
that should be created to help reduce GHG emissions and provide cobenefits to disadvantaged communities.
• Solar installation programs: design access for to low income
communities & renters
• Affordable public transit: subsidize public transit & restore cuts
• Education and Community Outreach: support school programs,
address linguistic isolation, involve non-profit organizations,
Program Coordinator
• Other: water, water-energy nexus, free/low-cost retrofits
Plan for CARB Workshops
Echo: programs, message
Los Angeles
Next Steps
• Continued responses
to Survey
• February CARB
workshops &
• Future webinars

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