Copy of SB 1.4

Visual Techniques SB 1.4
As part of your first project you will be asked to create an Illustrated narrative.
Share what you know about visual techniques, movie making, photography.
Understanding how film makers use “shots and
framing” to create a mood will help you choose how
to use framing to illustrate your narrative.
 Glue on the next open Page IYNB Visual Techniques.
 Academic Vocabulary: A technique is a way of
carrying out a particular task, so visual techniques
are ways images can be used to convey narration.
 Mood: is the overall emotion that is created by the
authors language, tone and subject matter.
Film and illustrations
Long Shot
You can see
the some
as well as
the majority
of the
Medium Shot
You can’t see as much of the
background and the
characters are shown from
the waist up.
Medium Shot
Director is
focusing on
one part of the
body and it
takes up most
of the frame.
Extreme Close-up Shot
You only see part of
the face.
Eye Level
The shot is head on.
High Angle (Birds Eye View)
The city looks smaller and less
Low Level
(Worm’s Eye View)
The man looks tall and
Camera Point of View
High Key
Pretend you are directing an action movie:
IYNB: What mood would you want to create?
IYNB: What techniques would you use to
create that mood?
IYNB: Explain your choices.
You as the director
IYNB: Write down the following questions:
1. What framing is used to film the protagonist? (LS,
MS, CU, ECU) Why do this?
 2. What angles are used in the opening scene? (Eye
level, high angle, low angle)
 3.What kind of lighting is used? (High Key, Low Key,
Neutral) Why did the director use this lighting.
 4. Which camera point of view is it shot from? Why
did the director choose this point of view?
Analyzing Visual Techniques
Visual Techniques
The Lion King
While viewing, jot down how the director
uses the visual techniques.
30-Second Run Down
What mood is created by using these
How is this mood created?
Writing Prompt
How does the director use a combination of
visual techniques to create a specific mood?
Topic sentence: The directors of The Lion King, Allers and
Minkoff, use ___, ___, and ___ to create a ___ mood in the
opening sequence of their film.
Evidence: For example, they use [technique 1] to ____
Commentary: [connect the supporting detail to the mood]
Revisit of a Wrinkle in time
IYNB Analyze the mood of A Wrinkle in
2. IYNB provide textual evidence to support
your interpretation.
Partner/Group work
3. Imagine you are creating a film version of
A Wrinkle in Time. Work with your
partner to plan and draft a visual frame
that represents imagery from the text.
Use a variety of techniques to achieve
your goal.

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