Agent Portal – Finacle CBS
An overview
MPKBY agents canvas customers and
procure RD business. They prepare bulk
list either manually or through RD
Customer package provided by DOP.
As Finacle CBS is implemented in DOP,
MPKBY/PRSS agents need to prepare bulk
list through Web Portal.
Pre Requisites
Agent Commission will be credited only to
the Post Office Saving Bank account of the
MPKBY/PRSS Agents after implementation of
Finacle CBS.
Every Agent should ensure that PO SB
account number and PAN number is linked
in the Post Office database.
This Portal can be accessed through Internet
either at Home or at browsing centres using
their respective user name and password.
Changes – from existing system
RD account opening to be done across the
counter and should not be included in the bulk
list prepared through the Portal
RD Loan repayment not to be included in the
bulk list prepared through the Portal.
Commission not to be deducted while presenting
the list across counters.
Accounts linked to agents cannot be paid across
the counter.
If the customer wants to pay themselves, counter
PA on requisition from customer should delink
the RD account from MPKBY/PRSS agent and
accept the deposits across the counter
Changes…. Contd
Agents to ensure that their name is linked while
RD account opening. Funding should be done
during account open WITHOUT fail.
 Commission for the RD New account opened by
the respective MPKBY/PRSS agent will be
credited to their respective PO SB account.
 New RD Default Fee structure to be
implemented. RD accounts opened from 1st to
15th of the month should be paid within 15th of
the month and accounts opened from 16th to 31st
to be paid on the last day of the month.
 New default fee structure will be Re.1/- for
Agent Portal….. An overview
Agent Portal can be access through the website
using the website
Every MPKBY/PRSS agent will be provided with
user name and password.
All the accounts linked to the particular agent will
be displayed once the agent logons to web portal.
As and when new accounts are opened and linked
to a particular agent, those accounts will be listed
under that MPKBY/PRSS agent respectively.
Transactions could not be performed by Agents
on expiry of Agent License
Agent Portal….
Separate lists to be prepared for Cash/DOP
cheques (POSB)/Non DOP cheques
 Lists prepared within 15th of the month
without default fee by the MPKBY/PRSS
agent should be presented in the counter
within 15th. If the list is presented in the
counter on 16th, accounts with default fee
will get rejected automatically while posting.
 Fresh list needs to be generated for those
accounts which could not be posted due to
default fee variation.
Step by Step
Agent login screen
Log-in to Agents Portal with User Name and Password provided by
the Post Office.
System displays the login screen. Agent can select
‘view the dashboard’, ‘Change Password’ or the
‘Accounts’ canvassed by the Agent clicking on the
respective tabs
Select “Agent- Enquire and Update Screen” System
displays all the accounts canvassed by the agent.
Agent to select the mode of payment Cash/DOP
Cheque/Non DOP cheque
Agents can select multiple accounts by clicking the
check box. Max of 50 accounts can be selected in a
Click on “Save” once all the accounts are selected
Searcher option is available for selecting the
account number
5. Enter the account number and click on
“Fetch” option
Once the accounts are selected, system
navigates to the next screen.
 Accounts selected alone will be listed
with Radio Button.
 Default fee if any will be displayed against
the particular account
 Suppose if there are three months default,
default fee for the 1st defaulted month
alone will be displayed
Cash Mode
In Cash Mode, if there are no rebate payment
or partial default payment, the agent can click
on “Pay all modified instalments” without
clicking on “Edit” for each account
 A reference number like C123 will be
generated. The logic of reference number is
C – Cash Mode
DC – DOP Cheques (POSB)
NDC – Non DOP Cheques (Other than POSB)
DOP Cheques
In DOP Mode, agent to click on the “Select” Radio
button for all the accounts for entering the POSB
cheque details.
Details of the cheques for the selected account need
to be entered in the second half of the screen
POSB Cheque number to be entered
New POSB account to be entered
An error “Invalid Cheque Number or account
number” will be thrown if wrong cheque number or
account number is entered.
(Please Note: Old account number available in cheque
should not be entered)
ASLAAS number for each account to be entered.
Non DOP Cheques
In Non DOP Mode, agent to click on the “Select”
Radio button for all the accounts for entering the
Non POSB cheque details.
Details of the cheques for the selected account
need to be entered in the second half of the
Bank Name to be entered
Non POSB Cheque number to be entered
Account number of the concerned cheque to be
ASLAAS number to be entered for each account.
Agents can take required number of print
outs from the “Reports” menu
 Reports can be searched/taken for any
particular period or even a single day
 Enter the required “Reference Number”
 Select the status “Success / Failure/ Pending”
and click on “Search”
 Only the selected List reference number will
be listed.
 The file can be downloaded either as “PDF”
or “XLS”
RD Instalment report - Sample
Presenting the RD bulk list at PO
Agent should present the required number
of copies of bulk list along with
Cash/DOP/Non DOP at the PO counter.
The commission deducting TDS will be
credited to the concerned SB account of the
Agents should ensure that their DSA ID
should be linked while RD new accounts are
opened. Commission for this new account
will be credited instantly in their SB account.
This account will automatically get linked to
their ID.
Logon password will get locked
automatically if wrong password is
entered for 10 times.
 Agents should change password once in
180 days

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