Unit 1 SB - Activity 1_6

In the SpringBoard section of your notebook,
answer the following question:
How does art represent culture?
Let’s watch a short PBS video biography on the
life Frida Kahlo entitled The Life and Times of
Frida Kahlo. Take notes on what you learn from
the film!
Now, as we read the biographical text, highlight
and take notes. You are looking specifically for
information that reflects her cultural identity.
Underline unfamiliar words too!
What did you learn about Frida Kahlo’s life,
art and cultural identity? What details are
emphasized in each text to support your
interpretation of this artist and how she
depicts her cultural identity in her work?
Each group will prepare a brief presentation
on butcher paper and present it to the class.
You may draw on the paper if you wish, but
keep it simple!
We are about to view one of Frida Kahlo’s
many self-portraits for analysis and
What do you notice?
Take notes in the SpringBoard section of your
notebook and be ready to complete the OPTIC
chart on p. 30.
Let’s complete questions 5-7 about Frida
Kahlo’s biography and self-portrait.
How did the information about the artist’s life
help you to understand her artwork?
DO NOT complete questions 8-10 today.
Those are for next time.
Reading Plus – Don’t forget to complete your weekly
assignment by Sunday night!
Tear out pages 17-26 in your SpringBoard book.
Finish reading “Two Kinds” at home and take
marginal notes – remember you are looking for
moments of internal and external conflict!
Complete the graphic organizer on p. 26
Do the Writing Prompt on p. 26 in the SpringBoard
section of your notebook!
Periods 1,3,5,7 – Due Friday 9/19
Periods 6,8 – Due Monday 9/21
Before reading the poem “Legal Alien,” define
the following words in your SpringBoard book
at the bottom of p. 31:
Based on the title and the information about
the author, what do you predict is the conflict
expressed in the poem?
As we read Pat Mora’s poem together, use the
following metacognitive markers to take
notes in your book:
Voice = V
Conflict = CON
Cultural Identity = CI
We will read the poem together once, then
you will work on it with your groups!
Look at question 12 on p. 33. You have a
small paragraph with instructions and four
questions (bullet points).
In the SpringBoard section of your notebook,
answer the four bullet point questions with
your group. Be prepared to share for extra
credit! You do not have to create a graphic
organizer – just copy the questions in your
notebook and answer them.
Look at the bottom of p. 33. In the section
marked “Check Your Understanding,” you
have two possible assignments – an artistic
prompt or a creative prompt.
Choose one of the two (you do not have to do
them both!) and complete it for homework.
Don’t forget to do your
Reading Plus!

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