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Clock Hours
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Changes to SB-CEUs
• The Michigan Legislature adopted new rules on May
18, 2012 for renewal of Professional Teaching
• SB-CEUs are now known as State Continuing Education
Clock Hours (SCECHs).
• Instead of earning 3.0 SB-CEUs at an offering, you will
earn 30 SCECHs. The amount of credit is the same, it is
only calculated differently.
• Also, in addition to SCECHs and College Credit, you can
now use district-provided professional development
clock hours toward your renewal.
Workshop SCECH Issuance Process
After you have completed a workshop or activity:
• The workshop Monitor compiles paperwork and submits it to the
SCECH Coordinator.
• Your eligibility is verified by the AAESA SCECH Coordinator.
• Your record is uploaded to the SCR by the SCECH Coordinator using
the email address you provided on your Participant Application.
• An email is automatically sent to your email address with
instructions on how to complete the REQUIRED ONLINE evaluation
on the SCR.
• Once the evaluation is complete, the SCECHs are awarded online on
the SCR.
• Failure to complete the evaluation will result in the forfeiture of
your SCECHs.
Requirements for
AAESA Workshop SCECH Credits
• Attendance is REQUIRED at all sessions, no exceptions
(not even funeral, family emergency, illness, etc.)
• Sign-in at the designated time before the workshop
• Sign-out at the designated time after the workshop
• Submit a completed Participant Application Form
• Pay a non-refundable $15.00 Participant Application
• If required, complete and submit an assignment
• Complete the REQUIRED ONLINE evaluation form
within 30 days of email notification
How do I find workshops
with SCECHs?
You can also earn SCECHs for:
• School Committees/Staff Meetings
• Supervising a Student Teacher
• Mentoring a New Teacher/Administrator
• Contact Susan Gonsior, AAESA SCECH
Coordinator, at [email protected]
for more information.
How do I renew my certificate?
• Certificate renewal takes place on MDE’s
Michigan Online Educator Certification System
(MOECS) at
Requirements for Renewing
• In order to renew a Professional Teaching
Certificate, a combination of the following must
be earned within the five years prior to the
• 6 College Credits (in semesters—undergrad OK)
• 180 SCECHs
• 150 District Provided PD Clock Hours (DPPDCHs)
Possible combinations of credit to
renew professional certificates are
illustrated below:
6 College Credits
180 SCECHs
3 College Credits
3 College Credits
2 College Credits
How do I use District Provided PD Clock
Hours towards my renewal?
• District provided professional development clocks
hours (DPPDCHs) are earned in your district at the PD
offerings you already attend.
• Here are the steps required:
• Attend your district’s PD
• Keep track of your DPPDCHs on the “DPPD Record for
Certificate Renewal” form (available on MOECS),4615,7-140-6530_5683_5703-60168--,00.html
• Have your Principal sign the form
• Enter your DPPDCHs on MOECS
• Fax your “Record for Certificate Renewal” to MDE
Do I Need SCECHs?
SCECHs are used to renew the following certificates:
Professional Education Certificate
Occupational Education Certificate
School Guidance Counselor License
School Psychologist Certificate (after September 1,
• School Administrators are required to complete the
same requirements.
Provisional Certificate
• Teachers holding Provisional Certificates cannot currently use SCECHs.
They must be in a planned course of study at a Michigan University.
• The Provisional Certificate requires renewal every three years.
• Starting September 1, 2013, the renewal requirement includes the
evidence that he or she has earned since the issuance of the certificate: 6
semester credit hours in a planned program at an approved teacher
preparation institution or 180 clock hours of state continuing education in
approved professional development activities appropriate to the grade
level and content endorsement (s) of the certificate that he or she holds or
a combination of semester credit hours and state continuing education
hours; or that he or she holds an earned master’s or higher degree in
areas appropriate to kindergarten to grade 12 teaching.
September 1, 2013
Advancement to the Professional Certificate
• 3 years of successful teaching experience.
• Appropriate reading credit
(3/6 content + 3 diagnostics).
• And ONE of the following since the issuance of the
Provisional Certificate:
– 6 semester hours in a planned course of study
at an approved educator preparation institution
(3 credits of diagnostics can count).
– 180 SCECH.
– 150 DPPD hours in accordance with Michigan
School Code Sections 380.1527.
– Combination of the three = a total of 180
30 SCECH =1 semester credit hour = 30 clock hours of DPPD
Social Worker CEUs
• Social workers cannot use SCECHs towards
their renewal. Social Work Continuing
Education Units (SW-CEUs) are different from
SCECHs. For more information on social
worker certification, visit
CEUs are not SB-CEUs/SCECHs
• Only SCECHs issued by the Michigan
Department of Education are accepted toward
certificate renewal.
• Susan Gonsior is the AAESA SCECH
Coordinator (269) 673-2161 x3744
[email protected]
Attendance Requirements
• SCECH policy requires 100% verifiable
attendance. Sign-in/out sheets are required.
/out sheets are the ONLY MDErecognized method of verifying attendance.
They cannot be altered in any way.
• Participants are individually responsible for
• It is a criminal offense to use or attempt to use a
State Board of Education Continuing Education
Unit (SB-CEU) transcript or certificate of
completion that is fraudulently obtained,
altered, or forged to obtain and/or maintain
school administrator, teacher, and/or school
psychologist certification or other State Board
• See PA 96 of 1995 for more information.
District Provided Professional
Development should be:
• Relevant, ongoing and job-embedded;
• Specific to the teacher's needs
• Aligned to the School Improvement Plan and
individual professional development plans (as
appropriate); and
• Focused on increasing student learning.
“Guidelines for Professional Development that Qualifies for Michigan Legislative
• Highly Qualified information: /mde-hq
• Certification Information: /teachercert
-Including the FACTS documents
-approved Michigan EPIs
• Informational Podcasts: Certification,
Permits, and School Safety.
Important Dates
• Renewals can be applied for anytime
after January 1 of the year, in which it
expires without any loss of validity.
• Michigan certificates expire on June
30th of any given year.
• July 15 – Last day to apply for permits
for previous school year.
• August 1 – Applications for new school
year permits may be submitted.
• Contact:
• Susan Gonsior AAESA SCECH Coordinator
(269) 673-2161 x3744
[email protected]

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