StatET/Eclipse Vs. RStudio
A comparison of integrated
development environments for R
Tom Radivoyevitch
Assistant Professor
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Why I use R, Eclipse, and StatET
• Used Matlab (1988-2002) and R was close to it
• Textpad/R.syn + Ctrl-C, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-V to Rgui
worked fine, until Vista => switch to Ubuntu
=> lose Textpad => use Eclipse
• StatET gives Eclipse R syntax highlighting
• ~5 years with StatET/Eclipse = inertia => not
too eager to switch to Rstudio; e.g. sending
selections to R with Ctrl-R,R (StatET) vs. Ctrlenter (Rstudio) gets confused when switching
• Some short cuts are the same
– Ctrl-shift-C toggles comment of cur line or selection
– Alt-up or Alt-down to move a line up or down
– Ctrl-I to autoindent cur line or selection
• Tools for R package production
– Help page generation
– Buttons to build and install R packages => avoid
command prompt and writing *.bat files
StatET/Eclipse (java)
• More powerful editor
– Block selection (Alt-shift-A)
– Color code definitions and
uses of variables
• Ctrl-R,R works on help
Rstudio (C++)
• More R packaging workflow
• Better integration with
roxygen via roxygen2 of
Rsudio’s Hadley Wickham
• Server version creates easy
access to linux clusters
Show video at
statET Eclipse plug-in
To install follow read StatET Installation directions at
click 3.8 in the table to get the right version of Eclipse.
StatET does not work with Eclipse 4.2, but this new release seems
slower to start up anyway.
Also see eclipseShortCuts.xls and R_Eclipse_StatET.pdf in week1 folder

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