Final Power Point Presentation

2nd Grade Language Arts
Standard 4 Objective C
Standard 4
Objective C
• Phonics and Spelling-Students use
phonics and other strategies to
decode and spell unfamiliar words
while reading and writing.
• Identify and pronounce r-controlled vowel
patterns in words (e.g., ar, or, er).
Click on the circle of the triplet you want to meet!
Read Around The Room Activity
*Please pull out your clipboard and pencil*
Additional Words
Who wants to play Bossy R
Teachers Tips
When introducing the R-controlled vowels, become "Bossy
R.” Pretend to receive a phone call and have to go to the
office. (Make sure you have someone to watch the
classroom) Return as "Bossy R." Have a hat to cover your
hair (got a free one at Vista-Print with Bossy R on it for next
year), put on a large sweatshirt that has a foam Bossy R on,
change your shoes, and wear huge comical sunglasses to
complete disguise. Make sure even the most observant
students could be fooled that it isn’t you. Enter the room
with a loud entrance. Have R-controlled word cards passed
out to the students and they would have to say them. Act
very bossy and annoying. The kids will love it and they
remember "Bossy R!” Great introduction into the
PowerPoint presentation lesson.
Teacher Tips Continued
• Before class have the read around the room
materials prepared (can be found here)
• Before presenting PowerPoint (starts with the movie)
adjust the volume appropriately
• Introduce the triplets focusing on ER, IR and UR
• Read around the room activity (allow 20-30 mins)
• Cover additional words (some on spelling list)
• Play Bossy R Jeopardy
• Can go to the computer lab and use r-controlled
pages on (included on additional aids
slide-slide 16)
Additional Aids and Resources
• For introducing AR and OR use this blog for
great introductory videos
• To teach class the Bossy R Rap click this
• Try the “I’m the boss” game or Bossy R Bingo
Additional Aids
Activity Worksheets
Interactive Games
Video Clips

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