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Antony Karanja Ndungu
([email protected])
Research Methods Group-ICRAF
R Brown-Bag Seminar 2: Hands-on
Getting started to Working with R
• Get Started to R
– R downloaded and installed? (http://www.r-project.org/ )
– R Studio (http://www.rstudio.com/)
• R language – Object oriented programming.
- No desk menu! (Rmcdr)
• Assign objects to manipulations.
• Nature of Data Objects
Data frames, vectors, matrices, lists
(maps, data, etc)
Getting started to Working with R
• Operations on data objects
Base and libraries- functions/commands
Scripting in R (Setwd, getwd())
• Working with R
- Loading data (Data objects); libraries
- Working with really data. Loading/ recalling
- Data validation and cleaning
- Data management (sub setting, collapse,
merging, appending, Reshaping etc.
Hands-on R!
Statistics using R
Tabulations and Summaries
Plotting simple graphs
(Box plots, histograms, plots of tabular data)

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