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Primary Schools Program
Session 2: Linking Theories to Practice
Let’s create a ‘Little Book of Quotes’!
Add quotes from the resource, including
references, to support the professional
learning of your colleagues.
Session 2 (Day 1) aims to:
• deepen literacy knowledge and
• provide opportunities for you to explore
the resource
• explore key terminology to develop a
shared language for future conversations
• investigate and become familiar with the
theories that underpin the resource.
Key terminology
To explore terminology we are going to
use the Question Key from Tony Ryan’s
Thinkers Keys.
Start with an answer and list at least five
questions that give only that answer.
Activity - Key terminology
form a group of two or three
each group will be provided with a key
term or phrase (answer) from the resource
explore the resource to formulate at
least five questions that give only that
present your findings on a poster
be prepared to share!
Key terminology
What text type does the
author/student use to present
information in written and visual
What type of text
includes words in
headings and
headlines, images,
and written text?
If the answer is ‘multi-modal
text’, what could the
questions be?
What is text that has a
number of different modes?
Linking theories to practice
… practitioners need to seek out a
connective web that bonds various
theories and research approaches,
moving beyond the confines of a single
model …
Linking theories to practice
… a single theoretical perspective cannot
address all the issues faced by teachers
and students in complex and diverse
The theories of these theorists
underpin the resource
Marie Clay
Allan Luke
Peter Freebody
John Munro
David Rose
Lev Vygotsky
Jerome Bruner
Barbara Rogoff
Activity - Investigating a theory
Search DoE - enter ‘Overview of
Literacy Learning’.
Select four different link/s.
Investigate by reading the sections and
recording key points.
Share your findings
Create a ‘Behind the Door’ or ‘Chatter Box’ to
share your findings with a partner.'s%20craft%20corner/Chbox.htm
Linking theory to practice
Discuss and record your understandings.
Add quotes to your ‘Little Book of Quotes’.
• How you will inform colleagues about the
• What tools or strategies you will use.

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