Smoking Kills*So why bother starting.

Smoking Kills…So why bother
By: Lucas Hopkins
Form your own opinion on the
image and how it appeals to
Please consider the
techniques used, the
rhetorical triangle, intention
of the image, and composition
factors in your analysis.
Techniques: Black background makes image text standout so the list
of facts and title can be read easily. The gun is being loaded with
cigarettes, the cigarettes become a metaphorical bullet. Following
the gun barrel leads the eye to the title “Smoking Kills” which is
written in a larger, easier to see, text.
Rhetorical Triangle
Pathos: Causes readers to have
strong emotions toward smoking,
making them strongly consider
smoking again.
Logos: The twelve facts given in the
image make readers take a step back
and think why anyone would ever
pick up cigarette.
The intent of this image to state
facts about how harmful smoking is
to the body. This image makes
smokers think about how much
harm they are doing to their bodies
and also causes potential smokers
to think twice about picking up
their first cigarette.
Composition Factors
Metaphor: The metaphor in this image
is the cigarettes being loaded into the
gun as the bullets. This part of the
image shows the devastating effect that
cigarettes have on the body.
Colors: The colors of this image aren’t
bright, the title matches the white on
the cigarettes. The yellow color used in
facts list is like that on the filters on the

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