Curious George book for Children about Ebola - Final

George made the man in the Yellow hat laugh! The man in the Yellow hat
loved George and took George home with him.
George was curious and wanted to know how his friends were doing in
Africa. One day, the postman brought an envelope for George! The
envelope was addressed to George and it was from George’s friend,
George read his letter from Emile. Emile wrote that he and his family
were not feeling well.
Emile and his family were not feeling well! Oh no! George felt bad for his friend.
Emile was sick with something called the Ebola Virus.
George asked the man in the Yellow Hat about Emile not feeling well. The man
in the Yellow Hat told George they’d visit their friends at the Hospital and ask Dr.
Kent, Nurse Nina and Nurse Amber to help explain Ebola.
George was glad. George knew when he didn’t feel well, that the Doctors and
nurses always made him feel better. Doctors and Nurses did things like take your
temperature and give you medicine to help make you better.
George was excited! He liked visiting his friends at the hospital!  George saw
his friend Hannah and her Dad when they arrived.
SUDDENLY, George saw scary looking people in scary looking outfits! George
was scared of them because they looked so different!!
The man in the yellow wasn’t scared of them at all! In FACT, he smiled at them
and said hello! Wait a minute ….that was George’s friend Tommy! George felt a
little better seeing Tommy but he was still scared of those scary aliens!
The scary Aliens started talking to him. They knew his name! The voices
sounded familiar. George watched as the scary aliens started taking off their
outfit. It was his friends at the hospital, Dr. Kent, Nurse Amber and Nurse Nina!
They weren’t scary aliens! They were his friends, INSIDE the outfits! They
looked so different with the outfits on, but George realized that they were
dressed up! They were dressed up just like his friend Hannah dressed up for
Holloween! They were wearing scary costumes but they were still his friends
INSIDE the costumes! 
George loved his friends! He was so relieved! George felt kind of silly that he
was so scared!  George asked Dr. Kent about his friend Emile who was sick
with something called Ebola.
Dr. Kent explained that Doctors and Nurses were working very hard to help make
patients like Emile better. Dr. Kent told George, that even he had been sick with
Ebola. But, thanks to heroic Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare workers - he was
now better.
George asked Dr. Kent, if Emile’s doctors and nurses wore the scary alien suits
too. Dr. Kent said, yes they had to wear the suits so that they wouldn’t get sick.
Dr. Kent explained that the Doctors and Nurses are Heroic. The Brave Doctors
and Nurses are helping patients like Emile. However, they wear the suits
because if they became sick too, then they wouldn’t be able to help their
George saw other Doctors and nurses in the suits helping sick children who
didn’t feel well. George saw how these heroic Doctors and Nurses worked hard
to help the children feel better.
Dr. Kent explained that Emile was in good hands with these heroic Doctors and
Nurses and he hoped and prayed that Emile would feel better soon. George
realized that since Dr. Kent was helping children like Emile, that Dr. Kent was
Brave and Heroic! Dr. Kent is a hero!
Dr. Kent saw that George was still curious, so he recommended George talk to
his other friends, Nurse Nina and Nurse Amber.
George saw Nurse Amber! George loves Nurse Amber! Nurse Amber told him
that it was true that she helped take care of a patient who had Ebola and that
she also had Ebola. But now she’s better!
Nurse Amber showed him a picture of when she was in the hospital. Nurse
Amber explained that the only way Doctors and Nurses can help patients with
Ebola is by wearing the scary suits. Nurse Amber is going to be married soon.
George asked Nurse Amber if she’d still be able to get married.
Nurse Amber smiled and said yes! She asked him if he’d like to see her wedding
dress! This is Nurse Amber in her wedding dress. Doesn’t she look beautiful?!
George was so glad that she was ok now and getting married! George realized
that Nurse Amber had to have been very brave while she’d been sick. Wow,
Nurse Amber was a hero too!
Now it was time for George to visit Nurse Nina. Nurse Nina has a dog named Mr.
Bentley! George loves Nurse Nina and her dog Mr. Bentley! George has so
much fun playing with Mr. Bentley!
Nurse Nina showed him her picture when she didn’t feel well. The man in the
Yellow hat told George that Nurse Nina had been very brave too! Wow!!!
Next, Nurse Nina showed him a picture that surprised him!!! Even Mr. Bentley
had to have special heroes take care of him! Mr. Bentley had to be brave too!
But now, both Nurse Nina and Mr. Bentley are well and fully recovered from
Ebola. Nurse Nina told George that she hoped his friend Emile would feel better
soon. George hoped so too.
So, Curious George learned that Emile also had Brave Doctors and Nurses who
had to wear the suits while helping take care of Emile. Curious George wanted
to help Emile and wanted to be a hero just like Dr. Kent, Nurse Nina and Nurse
Amber! Curious George asked the man in the Yellow Hat how he could be brave
and help Emile and be like Dr. Kent, Nurse Nina and Nurse Amber?!
The man in the Yellow Hat explained that George just needed to continue helping
his friends and continue learning! George was glad he had good friends, and
decided he’d grow up to be a Brave, Heroic Doctor or Nurse like his friends!
Curious George decided that’s just what he’d do because he wanted to be a
hero who helps, just like Dr. Kent, Nurse Nina and Nurse Amber!
George was going to be brave, even if it meant that he had to wear the scary
looking alien suit!  Because George had learned that our Doctors and nurses
helping patients, are actually our Real-Life Heroes!!!!
Additional ideas:
This version of the book was designed primarily for children who have to endure
hospitalization and might be very scared of the suits. The book is designed to
help children who need medical care but are scared of accepting help from
HCP’s dressed in the Hazmat suits. The book is intended to help the children
trust their HCPs.
Create different versions for different scenarios – PowerPoint version can be
edited and personalized with children’s names/pics and specific HCP’s and
printed out for child’s own personal book.
Note: The PowerPoint version of the book should only be opened from a trusted
source. Microsoft currently has a known vulnerability with PowerPoint.
Vulnerability in Microsoft OLE Could Allow Remote Code Execution
Additional ideas cont:
Create different versions for different requirements:
1.) Learning about Ebola 2.) Learning if family or friends have Ebola
3.) Learning about Ebola if child, themselves are infected
4.) Loss of a loved one from Ebola
5.) Educate children on not touching, washing hands etc.
6.) Educate children on BASIC, General info about Ebola
7.) Print the book in black and white and allow the child to use as a coloring
8.) Add Heroic Doctors and Nurses from West Africa. Create different versions for
different languages that Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, USA, UK etc if have
different requirements/needs.

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