Exercise: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help

The truth, the whole truth and
nothing but the truth.
By Fredrick Hahn
So help me Fred!
But why in the world should you
believe me?
Because I am Chuck Norris
Did CrossFit make them like this or,
can they do CrossFit because they are
like this?
Does playing basketball
make you tall?
It makes you stronger.
“Haven’t you always wanted the long,
lean muscles of a dancer? Well now
you can have them with Winsor
– Mari Winsor
Time to avert your eyes.
This is the only way to get those long
lean dancer muscles!
It makes your muscles stronger.
Balance Training
It gets you injured.
And maybe a tad stronger.
Oh, snap!
It makes your muscles stronger.
And probably injured.
Kettle Bells:
Dumbbells with a handle on top
Weight is weight!
“Progressive exercise against resistancewhether furnished by the weight of your own
body or by an appliance...will infallibly
produce results for every fit man”.
- George Walsh, Olde Time British body builder
They make your muscles stronger.
Muscle Can Turn Into Fat
Fat is fat. Muscle is muscle.
Well developed muscles
makes you tight
Izzat so?
So what do well developed
muscles do for you?
They make you more flexible,
enduring and
Aerobics strengthens
your heart and lungs
Mitochondria are "cellular power plants.” They
generate most of a cell's supply of ATP, used as a source
of chemical energy.
The Warm Up
What temperature is your body?
Weight lifting stunts kids growth
The American Academy of Pediatrics position on strength training supports
the implementation of strength and resistance training programs, even for
prepubescent children, that are monitored by well-trained adults and take
into account the child’s maturation level.
6 years old!
What does weight lifting do for
It makes them think you’re a Nazi.
The only exercise better than
Slow Burn!
Bottom line:
It’s all about making your muscles
stronger in the safest manner possible.
Thank you!
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