Ms. Hughitt`s 3 Branches of VA

The three branches of the Virginia
state government.
(As presented by Ms. Hughitt)
“Isn’t that like the President or something?”
Not quite…
So guys, what are the three branches of
Virginia’s state government?
◦ What can you tell me about each of them?
Oh, and just where does the President fit
into all of this?
Oh that’s right…
The President is at the National level of our
government, isn’t he?
What branch of government is President Obama
the head of? (This means in charge of.)
Who is the head of this branch at the state level?
The Governor of course!
The Governor is the head of the
executive branch at the state level of
Each state has it’s own Governor.
So does that mean that we,Virginia, have
our own Governor too?
Like a boss!
Yeah, we sure do!
So who is Virginia’s Governor?
◦ Anybody know?
Governor Bob McDonnell
No, not McDonald…
◦ McDonnell
Okay… so?
So now we know the who of the
Executive branch of Virginia’s government
… let’s talk about the what!
What is so special about the Executive
branch of government?
What does it do?
The purpose of the Executive
Well, just like in the national level of our
government, the purpose of the Executive
branch is to make sure that laws are
carried out.
◦ What’s the difference?
◦ Well the Governor enforces the state laws
and the President enforces the national laws.
The purpose of the Judicial
So what’s the deal with the Judicial branch
of Virginia’s government?
◦ What does it do?
◦ What purpose does it have?
The judicial branch does two main things:
◦ It decides cases about people accused of
breaking the law.
◦ It also decides whether or not a law agrees
with Virginia’s Constitution.
So what’s the deal with the Judicial
The national level of the Judicial branch or
system is headed by the United States
Supreme Court.
 The state level of the Judicial branch or
system is headed by the Virginia
Supreme Court.
◦ There are other courts in Virginia, but the
Virginia Supreme Court is the “highest” and
has the most authority of any court in Virginia.
The Court System
• Virginia’s court system
functions kind of like a
pyramid. Most of the
power is at the top and
the least amount of
power is at the bottom.
• The Virginia Supreme
Court is the “highest”
court in Virginia.
• The Supreme Court
can overturn the ruling
of a lower court.
Court of Appeals
Of Virginia
The Circuit Court
General District
Juvenile and Domestic
Relations District Courts
So who makes these laws?
Legislative branch of Virginia’s state
government is in charge of making state
So who is in the Legislative branch?
George Allen

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