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zebra is a horse like creature with Whiteand –Black stripes. Each zebra has a different
striped pattern. Just like the pattern of
snowflakes and fingerprints no 2 patterns are
exactly the same. Sometimes they use the
pattern of the stripes to tell each other apart
Scientists have many theories about why
zebras have stripes . Zebras make yipping
sounds to warn the herd.
The name of my main habitat is the grassland but I
am doing the savannah. There are many different
kinds of grasslands from the African savannah to the
short grass prairies of west North America . There are
several great examples of grasslands in the world I
don’t know where to start. Grasslands are scattered
with life, with many animals that rely on each other
and the materials and shelter that are provided.
Grasslands have mostly grass for food then the
carnivores eat the herbivores.
 The
zebra eats the grass and the gazelle eats the
grass to because they are herbivores The lion eats
the gazelles and zebras because they think they
taste better . The vulture eats the lion, gazelle
and zebra when they’re dead . The vulture is a
decomposer which means that they eat the rotting
My animal is a herbivore because it eats
plants for example grass, shrubs, twigs,
leaves , roots and bark.
 Did
you know that zebras are born with
brown-and-white stripes the darker the
stripes the older the zebra
 Plain zebras have a tail about half a metre
 Wild zebras live in Africa
 The ears of a zebra show it’s mood the ears
are facing backward when it’s annoyed so
their kind of like horses.
 The zebra is a member of the equidae family
which involves the donkey and horses
 Zebras have great hearing and eyesight
I think that humans should not get involved
with habitats because zebras are an
endangered species because they want the
fur for clothing , rugs and blankets .I think
some people hunt zebras for the meat
because they think they are tasty but I don’t
. There is more farmland needed in Africa
because the nation is very poor so if they get
more farmland they can turn it into animal
conservation areas so then the zebras will
have a nice happy life with a very little
chance of extinction!
 The
predators of the zebra are the lion, wild
dogs, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards. They
like to hunt zebras and other herbivores
because they think they taste better than
other carnivores because carnivores eat meat
and if you eat meat and then someone eats
you they would gag because the bacteria is
starting to grow inside they prey’s body .If
you eat a herbivore and you’re a carnivore it
will taste better.
 Predators in Action
 Some
people pay other people to kill zebras
and that’s just cruel if you ask me I think we
should just leave them alone so they can
have a good life again with no chance of
extinction. I say we need to save the zebras
because they are such beautiful creatures. It
makes me want to cry when I hear a zebra is
killed because some selfish idiot wanted to
make a quick thousand bucks. It is so sad.
That somebody would do such a thing.
People are building towns and villages that cover
up the beauty of the grassland. We are also
cutting down the trees in the savannah that all
the animals need to survive including zebras.
Well I think that is not fair that people are
burning down the trees. Animals are being killed
by humans for some weird reason . More
farmland will be needed as Africa's population
grows. So then they can breed more animals tat
are endangered and then make that land into an
animal conservation area. The entire savannah
may even disappear. African nations are very
poor so if they use the farmland for conservation
areas .They might even succeed with keeping
the environment alive not dead!
 The
savannah is being destroyed that means
the space of the savannah is shrinking . That
means that people are building towns,
villages and cities over top . Which is
damaging the environment. That also means
that makes it harder for the animals to
survive. The trees have ash all over the place
from burning them down and the grass is
singed. The grass is paved over too.

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