Simply Sequestration: SO Not Simple

Sequestration and the Schools
Noelle Ellerson
April 2012
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Sequestration 101
 How did we get here?
 What is it?
 What does it mean?
 Talking Points
 What can I do?
 Resources
How Did We Get Here?
• Stems from Debt Ceiling Debate, Summer 2011
• Resulted in Budget Control Act which, among other things,
created bipartisan, bicameral Joint Deficit Commission
• 12 member committee tasked with identifying $1.2 trillion
in cuts/savings over 10 years
• Failed to produce plan, triggering sequestration
What Is Sequestration?
 Sequestration = automatic, across-the-board cuts
 Process ‘triggered’ in Jan. 2012, cuts will come Jan. 2013
 Impacts almost all aspects of federal budget; ALL programs in
USED except Pell
 Initial CBO estimates placed sequestration cuts at 7.8%;
more likely to be at 9.1%
What Does It Mean?
 Real-time, mid-year cuts
 Remember the Title I and IDEA adjustments in Oct 2011?
Similar concept, except deeper.
 Cuts to USED will be between $3.5 and $4.1 billion
 Estimated Education Impact at 7.8% level:
 Title I: $1.1 billion
 IDEA $978 million
 Perkins:$136 million
 Head Start: $590 million
Talking Points
 Cuts are coming, whether through sequestration or
Congressional action
 Congress could act to identify blend of spending cuts,
revenue (taxes) and mandatory spending (Medicare) reform
 Congressional action would likely still include cuts to
education, but to a much lesser extent
Talking Points
• Congress gave themselves the work of identifying$1.2
trillion in savings
• If we get to sequestration, it is because Congress failed to act.
• Sequestration is a blunt instrument, cutting all programs
without considering demand, effectiveness, or return on
• Efforts to exempt portions of the budget (i.e., defense)
simply amplify the severity of cuts to education
What Can I Do?
• Contact your Senators and Representative and urge them to
support Congressional efforts to pick up the work of the
Super Committee
• Use the Invoice on the ‘Resources’ slide to let your
Congressional delegation know how the sequestration cuts
would impact your district
• Work with your Board to explain to the community what
sequestration is and how it would effect your district
 Complete a Sequestration Invoice and send it to your
Congressional delegation.
 Sign the Committee for Education Funding petition to avoid
 MORE Talking Points
 How will sequestration impact advanced funded programs?
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Assistant Director, Policy Analysis & Advocacy
American Association of School Administrators
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