So You Want to be an Inventor Day 1

So You Want to be an Inventor?
Harcourt Lesson 16 Day 1
Students need: a partner, a dry erase
paddle and marker, sticky notes, pencil,
Listening Comprehension
You will be listening to a passage from a
nonfiction book about four young inventors.
Remember that nonfiction text:
• tells about real people, events, or
• is meant to provide information in an
interesting way.
Purpose for Listening
When you listen to a nonfiction passage about
people, you should listen to learn about what
the people have accomplished.
One purpose for listening is to
learn what new idea the young
inventors came up with.
A controversy is an issue that
people have conflicting opinions about.
Is it a fact or an opinion that people
would be willing to pay extra for
bluegrass paper?
To implement a plan is to make it
On your dry erase paddle, answer
the following question:
What new idea did the
inventors come up with?
Answer: A plan to make
paper from bluegrass.
Turn and share with your partner
the answer to the following
What does this article show
about the impact young people
can have in their community?
Model Oral Fluency
Some words and phrases that signal
an opinion are:
should, must be, best,
worst, I think, and
I believe
The sentence “A water bike can travel
at about six miles per hour” is a fact.
You could check it by timing the water
bike with a stopwatch.
The author’s statement that the water
bike is an amazing invention is an
opinion. You can’t prove this.
Now read the third paragraph, and think
about your reading rate.
Would you read this paragraph more
quickly or more slowly than the first
Tomorrow’s selection is about inventions
and inventors.
On your sticky notes, add information
to the columns below.

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