Feedback from the review of BBC Children`s services

Feedback from the review of
BBC Children’s services
What you told us and what
CBBC plans to do
Thank you!
A few months ago, the BBC Trust asked you to tell us what
you think about CBBC and BBC radio for children.
Over 8000 children, mostly aged 9 to 12, got in touch via
our consultation. We also spoke to children of all ages in
our face to face research. You shared lots of interesting
views and gave us some great ideas for how we could make
CBBC even better. Thank you!
We’ve thought carefully about what you have said, and we
want to tell you about some things that are happening at
What you think of CBBC
Most of you really like CBBC and feel it shows lots
of different programmes such as cartoons, news,
drama and documentaries.
You like how the channel is live so you can interact
with the presenters, join in competitions and games
and send questions to celebrities.
You think the CBBC website is fun and particularly like
the games.
You enjoy learning lots of new things from
watching CBBC.
Your words
“It's really good and
teaches you lots of
interesting stuff ”
(Age 11)
TV: more shows for older children
You told us you how much you love programmes like Wolfblood,
Newsround, and The Dumping Ground.
You said there were lots of great shows for younger children on
CBBC. You’d also like to see more programmes for older children
on the channel.
CBBC want to make sure that younger and older
children keep watching and enjoying their
programmes. Right now, they are planning to make
brand new shows so there will be more on CBBC
for older children to enjoy.
Online: anytime, anywhere!
Many of you regularly use the CBBC website, and lots of you visit the site
You say it’s not always possible to use all the features of the CBBC website on
your mobile phones and tablets.
You would also like more CBBC shows available to watch on iPlayer.
CBBC will be making some changes so that you can enjoy using their
website whether you’re using a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. They’re
starting work on the games first!
We’ve asked CBBC to work with the BBC iPlayer boffins to make it easier to
find and watch more CBBC shows when you want to watch them.
CBeebies has just launched a new mobile app for young children and
their parents called CBeebies Playtime. It has lots of games and things to
learn! CBBC will also be launching an app next year so keep an eye out for
Radio: for children
We’re really pleased that you enjoy listening to lots of different BBC radio
shows, like Chris Evans on Radio 2 and Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1.
You also want to listen to radio that’s aimed at young people so you can
enjoy music, celebrity interviews and find out about new CBBC shows.
The BBC does have some radio programmes for children. On BBC
Radio 4 Extra there’s The 4 O Clock Show. It’s on every weekday from
4pm–5pm and has a mix of comedy, interviews, stories and quizzes for
older children and teenagers to enjoy. The CBeebies website also has
radio programmes for younger children.
We’ve asked the BBC to promote children’s radio shows better so
more of you know when to tune in and enjoy listening!
Your words
“I would only change
one thing. I would
show more of the
programmes on the
(Age 9)
Thank you again!
Your thoughts and
ideas have been very
helpful to us.
We hope you continue
to enjoy CBBC!

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