So you want to be a student trustee

So you want to be
a student trustee
• attending all public board meetings and
standing committee meetings
• meeting with student leadership groups,
including Peel Student President’s
Council (PSPC)
• representing students’ views in
discussions about education issues
How to get on the ballot
Submit the following to your staff representative
by the end of the day on March 4:
• the completed application form and consent form,
signed by a parent/guardian
• cover letter
• resume
• CD or USB key with your photo and campaign
video (can also be submitted as a Dropbox or
Google Drive link)
• informed consent for students who appear in your
video (if applicable)
Submitting a campaign video
• Prepare a CD or USB key labelled with your
name, containing:
• a digital photo of yourself (JPG)
• a digital presentation or video (WMV or
MOV format) no longer than three minutes
• Sumbit your CD or USB key, with your signed
application and consent form to the staff
sponsor at your school, by March 4, 2015.
• completed informed consent with signature(s)
from parent/guardian(s) of an individual who
appears in your video
Video consent
Each individual who appears in your video
must have a parent/guardian read and sign
the informed consent included in the student
trustee package. Please photocopy the sheet
if you have more individuals in your video than
the space provided
Video consent
Helpful ideas to get
you thinking
• Be sure to mention your name – more than
• Platform – this is your moment to let voters
know where you stand
• Will your video include other people or just
• Where will you film?
•Will you walk in you walk and talk like the Rick
Mercer Rant or sit at a desk like Stephen
• What will you wear?
Your current Student Trustees
Paul Okundaye
Trevor Sookraj
Important dates
March 4 – application package due to school
March 16 – videos posted to YouTube
March 16 – campaign posters in schools
March 16 to 24 – election campaign
March 25 – 27 – voting in schools
April 8 – 2015-16 student trustees presented to the

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