Help 1 - lets learn

Completing the tasks for A452 with….
MIT App Inventor
Task 1 – Paint pot (part 1)
• Follow the tutorial Paint Pot to complete your
first task.
• You will to produce evidence of how you did
the task (screenshots)
• You will need to produce evidence of how you
tested your app (screenshots and write up)
Task 1 - Help
Help 1
Make sure you name everything exactly how
you are instructed to
Help 2
When selecting an image make sure it is not
too large – about 300px by 300px is a good
size to aim for
Help 3
Select an image with a face for this task
Help 4
Set out your code blocks neatly (see how
important it was to name things properly!)
Help 5
Clicking on a blank section of the screen will
bring up the menu as shown below
Help 6
If you have not already done so, select new
emulator and then once loaded connect to
this device
Help 7
If done correctly your app should load (it does
take some time) and you can now test your
You are not
done yet!
Help 8
Save your work again and test the changes
after adding the draw.line code
You will need to produce evidence of both
creating and testing your app.
It is a good idea to use both screenshots and a
testing table.
The testing table can show what you have
created (either code, button or canvas) and
testing/ improvements you have made.
Present your work using PowerPoint
Task 2 - Help
• Use your knowledge and the Internet to
describe what an event-driven programming
environment is. Tip - you have just used one!
• When listing events detected by a typical
android phone, create a table that lists the
event and what the event does. You must
identify all important events.
Task 3 - help
• You are now required to extend your paint pot app so that
you can change the thickness of the drawing line
• Once again you must provide evidence of how you have
done this task (screenshots)
• Task 3 is based around the tutorial Paint Pot Part 2
• It is a good idea to use the ‘save as’ button and call your
new file something different
Task 3 - Help
Help 1
Create a “number” block by clicking anywhere
on the screen and selecting ‘123’
Help 2
Remember to replace the event for drawcircle
for your variable, or it won’t change!
Help 3
Help 4
Remember to name everything properly as
you go.
When added your code should look like the
screenshot below
Task 3 – Important!
Once you have completed the tutorial you are not done.
The tutorial only changes the dot size, you need to change the line size!
Help 5
Using the ‘drawing canvas’ block you can extend your
‘dragging’ section of code to meet the needs of the task
Task 3 - Help
• You should now test your updated app,
remember to show evidence of this.
• Screenshot and explain the results.
• There is a bug in your code. If you start drawing
before a colour is selected the app will draw a
black line. How could this bug be stopped or
altered? Show how you have fixed the bug.
Task 4 - Help
• “When you set up the components of an app
in the browser, they are given default names.
Explain why it is a good idea to change these
default names. “
• Think about what you have been doing and
why you named the elements differently. How
did this make your life easier/ harder?
Task 5 - Help
Help 1
Setup your buttons and extra images first
(Once again it is a good idea to use the ‘save as’ button to save a different version of your
Task 5 - Help
Help 2
Below is an example of basic code for changing the background image
Notice how the image
name has been kept
This works but you should extend it so that the background image is
selected at random from a list.
You will need to identify each image using ‘text’
You will need a new variable
You will need to make a list
You will need to use ‘math’ to select a random integer (1 – the total
number of images you have)
Really stuck? Try
Task 5 - Help
• You should now test your updated app,
remember to show evidence of this.
• Screenshot and explain the results.
• By making use of a list you will show advanced
understanding and get a better grade overall.
Task 6 - overview
• Task 6 - you are on your own!
• Use what you have learnt to create an app that:
Makes use of three images of computer components
Randomly selects one of the three images on a button press
Requests that the user identifies the image by entering it’s name into
a text box
The app then checks the answer and indicates whether it is right or
The app should then allow the selection button to be used again,
clearing the messages on the screen
• Remember to evidence (screenshots) and test your app
Save regularly!
Task 7 - Help
• Task 7 requires you to write a conclusion and compare different
programming environments
• In the conclusion you can explain the advantages and disadvantages of
block programming (app inventor, scratch, etc)
• You can then compare this to programming languages such a python or C+
• What are the advantages of one over the other? Are there any
similarities? Why would you select a certain type of language? How
effective are these programming languages? How easy are they to learn/
• You might want to make use of a table comparing each language and then
summaries with a conclusion. However it is up to you!
What your teacher will be looking for…
There is evidence of a well structured practical investigation and the evidence supplied is well organised and clearly
relevant to the set task.
The practical investigation shows clear signs of planning and a structured approach to evidence
gathering to provide a complete investigation of the set topic area and beyond.
The techniques are used appropriately in all cases giving an efficient, working solution for all parts of the problem.
The candidate demonstrates a thorough and secure understanding of the technical issues related to the scenario. A
wide range of relevant and detailed information is presented.
Technical terminology is used correctly. At the top end of the band, this will be extensive and confidently used.
Thorough and convincing conclusions have been reached, which are borne out by the research carried out by the
A high level of written communication is obvious throughout he task and specialist terms/technology with accurate use
of spelling is used.
Grammar and punctuation is consistently correct.
Information is presented in a coherent and structured format.

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