Macdonalds Humanities

Where was it established?
• MacDonald’s was established in 1955 in Des
Plaines, Illinois. In 1975, McDonald's opened
its first drive-thruTM window in Sierra Vista,
Arizona to accommodate a more moving
society. The founder of McDonalds is called
Raymond Albert Kroc.
The Products
Here are some of the products they sold:
Big Mac:
• A double layer of sear-sizzled 100% pure beef
mingled with special sauce on a sesame seed
bun and topped with melted American
cheese, crisp lettuce, minced onions and
tangy pickles.
The Products
Premium Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken:
• Crispy all-white meat chicken, deliciously fresh
greens, zingy Parmesan cheese and creamy
ranch dressing.
The Products
World Famous Fries:
• Golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the
inside. Made with quality potatoes and
cooked in our Canola oil blend for zero grams
of trans fat per serving. Now that's an epic
The Products
• A cold and refreshing complement to all of our
menu items.
McFlurry with OREO® Cookies:
• Can our soft serve reduced fat ice cream get
any better? Yes, when we mix in OREO®
Historical Development
• Long time ago McDonalds used to sell 25
items. After it closed and reopened the
restaurant only sold hamburgers, fries and
milkshakes. The years passed and the
Hamburger University was opened, which
gave away McDonald's restaurant Bachelor of
Hamburgology degrees to students. In 1963,
the mascot Ronald McDonald was born as a
part of a marketing strategy in US.
Development Of Burgers
Right now McDonalds has developed itself to a
better restaurant which makes: different kinds
of burgers, fries, breakfast, Desserts,
Drinks/Milkshakes, salads and so much more.
Also its one of the most well known
restaurants in the world.
First Head Office
• The First head office was in the United States.
The first McDonalds was actually called
McDonalds Barbeque and that opened in
1940 but the actual McDonalds started in
Locations Of McDonalds
• There is exactly 123 countries where McDonalds
is an outlet.
• Some of the countries are:
• United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica,
Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, France,
Sweden, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Bahamas,
Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Brazil,
Singapore, Spain, Denmark, Philippines, Malaysia,
Taiwan, Norway, Finland.
Locations Of McDonalds
• Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Cuba, Turkey,
Argentina, Yugoslavia, South Korea, Hungary,
China, Indonesia, Greece, Uruguay, Poland,
Monaco, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait,
Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, India,
Pakistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, ETC.
The First Production Site
The first McDonalds production site was first in
Des Plaines, Illinois. But now McDonald's is a
famous fast food restaurant known in 119
nations around the world.
Main Sites
Main Sites
McDonalds Way To Advertise
McDonald uses many types of media to advertise they’re
new burgers and new types of drinks they make,
desserts and breakfast. They use advertisement in
newspapers, magazines, Television, Radio and social
networking sites. In Newspapers they advertise they’re
new burger or anything new they made or if there is a
new McDonalds restaurant that opened in the country.
On social networking sites there can be an ad on the
side of the website in the corner that says a new
burger for example on facebook it could say on the side
a new tasty big Mac for 20QR. McDonalds maintains an
extensive advertising campaign.
McDonalds Way To Advertise
In addition to the usual media including television,
radio, and newspaper ads, the company makes
significant use of billboards and signage, sponsors
sporting events ranging from Little League to
the Olympic Games , and makes coolers of orange
drink with their logo available for local events of
all kinds. However, television ads remain the
primary form of advertisement. To date,
McDonald's has used 23 different slogans to
advertise in the US, as well as a few other slogans
for select countries and regions.
Some Of These Slogans
• 1961 - Look for the Golden Arches
• 1971 - You deserve a break today
• 1979 - Nobody can do it like McDonald's can
1985 - It's Mac Tonight
• 1993 - Do you believe in magic?
• 2003 - I'm lovin' it - The Justin Timberlake
slogan song
Is McDonalds Successful?
“Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value” was Kroc's
motto, The success of McDonald's is the business
equivalent of the American Dream. While
McDonald's was not the first franchise (The Vote)
business, it has possibly become the premier
example of the business model. With food that
tastes amazing, and its clean with value prices it
drags costumers right in. It has the attention for
all age groups, Happy meals with gifts for kids,
burgers and fries for the young and the middle
age and soups and oatmeal for the elderly.
McDonalds Worldwide
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