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Redeemer’s University: Fact Sheet
Location: Km 46, Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria
Foundation Year: 2004
Students Population: 2,500
No. Faculty Members: 200
Departments Involved in ACEGID:
-Biological Sciences
-Chemical Sciences
-Mathematical Sciences
The Genomics Revolution
The Human Genome Project has revolutionized the way we approach healthcare and research,
yet many of the technological and economic benefits have yet to reach African scientists
and patients.
Image courtesy of Jonathan Bailey, NHGRI;
Expanded Scientific Capabilities to Enable Sustainable
Collaborative and Independent Health Research
Emerging Disease, Emerging Diagnosis
Recent outbreaks highlight the
importance of local research centers
to understand both uncommon and
widespread pathogens.
Andersen K, Folarin OA,….. Sabeti PC and Christian Happi (Nature Genetics, Under
ACEGID Surveillance Network
Long-standing research and training partnerships
genomics education
On-site training
Partnered training
Genomics teaching
and sequencing labs
Diagnostics core
science careers
metagenomic studies
Sample collection
Project Goals
Develop African research capacity in genomics by building a critical
mass of well-trained scientists;
Empower African researchers to utilize genomics-based tools towards
the control and elimination of infectious diseases;
Create genomics curricula to support and promote cutting-edge
genomics-based research; and
Engage communities in prevention efforts and public health education.
World Bank funded Project
ACEGID Action Plan for Learning Excellence
Foundational training
2-month training for ACEGID members at Harvard/Broad Institute
Training program planned for June-August 2014 in Cambridge, MA, USA
On-site Workshops
Annual 2-week trainings at each of the 4 ACEGID sites for larger
scientific community
Advanced training
Annual multi-week advanced training for PIs to be held at ACEGID
Redeemer’s University with Support from Harvard, MIT and Tulane
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
ACEGID Action Plan for Learning Excellence
M.Sc and PhD in Genomics of Infectious Diseases*
-M.Sc: 127 Nationally and Regionally (50% females)
-PhD: 35 Nationally & Regionally (40% females)
* Special enrollment programme for Post-conflict African Countries (DRC, Liberia, SierraLeone, CAR) and The Gambia.
English Proficiency Courses and Clinic for French Speaking African Students
Specialized Short-Courses:
1-2 weeks Short Courses at each of the 4 ACEGID sites for larger scientific community
Total 640 (40% female)
Students and Faculty Exchange within the African Region
-3 months - 1 year (Total 200)
ACEGID Action Plan for Learning Excellence
OUTREACH: To prevent Isolated Ivory-tower Excellence and ensure Social Relevance
-Undergraduate Outreach: Extended internship “Summer Genomics Boot Camp” (
-High School Students Outreach
-High School Teachers Outreach
800 students in 40 visits to classrooms
Day Long Course and Laboratory Interactive Modul
785 teachers in 40 professional development semin
Establish partnership with R&D relevant companies: African Biotechnology Nig. Ltd; Vybion, Zalgen,
Short-term for Working Professionals
Liaise with sector organizations: e.g WAHO (Interns)
Governments: (FMoH, National Malaria Eradication Programme)
Characterizing Fevers of Unknown Origin through Microbial
Project goals:
1. Use field-deployed and state-of-the-art genomic technology to
identify pathogens driving febrile illness.
2. Create a foundation for African scientists to carry out tractable
and important genetic research projects entirely in country
Human, Health, and Hereditary (H3)
Africa-funded Project
FUO sequencing, Pathogens Identification, Diagnostics Development Pipeline
Discovery of Novel Rhabdoviruses in Blood of Healthy
Individuals from West Africa
Two novel rhabdoviruses discovered in afebrile controls
Folarin OA, Stremlau M et al., (NEJM, Under
Discovery of Novel Rhabdoviruses in Blood of Healthy
Individuals from West Africa
High human exposure rates to rhabdoviruses in Nigeria
The Next Generation: African Pathogen/Microbes Hun
Year 1
ACEGID Infrastructure
Transform Existing Space
1. Genomics Teaching Lab
2. Genomic Diagnostic
Research Lab
ACEGID Infrastructure
Year 2-4
Design and Construction of new Genomics Center at Redeemer’s University
1. Genomics Teaching Labs
2. Genomic Diagnostic Research Labs
3. Core scientific production facility
4. Administration and guesthouse
ACEGID organization
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