Unit Elections
Jonathan Cirillo
Course Area: Inductions
Unit Election Basics
• Chiefs and Advisers are…
– Leaders and expected to be knowledgeable.
(Why you’re here at LLDP!)
– Responsible to make sure all election teams
are trained by the Lodge. (Why you’re here in
this class!)
• Things change… Plan ahead.
Resources for Unit Elections
Your LEC Notebook
The Unit Election Packet
The Guide for Officers and Advisers; AKA
– Available at http://oabsa.org/resources/pubs/GOA-2012.pdf
• People!
Who has what “right” in what situation.
Scoutmaster Rights
• Permits or denies an OA election
– Please record and report all denied elections
and forward that to the Inductions Chairman
• Certifies the youth eligibility
– Changes are permitted only until the election
starts (The election form is signed)
Rights Cont.
• He may introduce and describe what the OA
is before the team is presenting. If he is not a
member, please consult what he or she will
do. First impressions are everything.
• He can count votes with the election team
• He can announce the results immediately
– Please encourage the scoutmaster to wait until a
public callout ceremony
• Decide on that before the election
The Scoutmaster Must…
• Certify youth eligibility before the election
– Meet all the requirements to be in the OA
• Sign UE form before the election has
The Scoutmaster May Not…
• Change eligibility list after the election has
– Forms are signed/names revealed to voters
• Change the outcome of the election
• Prohibit a 2nd round if none are elected on
the 1st
Scouts with Disabilities
• Any member with disabilities who is
classified as a youth member of the unit
shall be considered a youth (voting)
member of the Order of the Arrow
regardless of age.
• Only instance where someone over 21 can
vote in an election
• 1 for 3. New rule.
• If you’re a scoutmaster for 12 months, it does
not add to the “1 for 3” system
• “Named” by troop committee
– Not elected
• “Recommended” by adult selection
– Lodge Adviser & Staff Adviser
– Council Camping Committee Chairman
• Approved by Scout Executive
Adults in the Unit
• Nominated
– NOT an honorarium, recognition, or “Thanks,
– ONLY to contribute to the OA’s program
– ONLY if at least one youth is selected
• Same camping requirement as a youth
– No exceptions or waivers
– Cub Scout camping doesn’t count
Adults in the District or Council
• May be nominated only if the Adult’s primary
registration is the District or Council by:
– Lodge Adviser, District Chairman
– Council President, Professional Staff (Paid)
• May have the camping requirement waived
– Professionals are ex officio members (“from the
office”) of the lodge while they are employed
Election Procedure
• Eligibility rules must be explained to the troop
• Both members and non-members can vote
– Must hold BSA membership card and participate
in some troop activities to be deemed “active”
• Scouts of the unit considered youth in the OA
may likewise vote in an OA election
• Elections outside of home council are not
permitted. Ever.
Election Procedure
• Coordinate with the SM for time and place for
the OA election. Meeting place listed on
packet label
– Meeting, campout, event… Fine!
• Show up as promised!
– “The order should be represented by a two- or
three member team…”
– Try not to have a member of the election team
conduct an election for their own unit
– Youth is team leader. Adult is “support.”
Team Leader
• Explain to the SM that current procedures
will be used
– Available for reference in the UE packet
– Brief & Review
• Rights, attendance requirements, and voting rules
• Make sure 50% of the registered active
members are present
– Dismiss yourselves if the unit does not meet
the attendance requirement is not true
Election Team
• Full uniform & sash
• “A Scout is clean…”
• Uses the election script
– LEC notebook & GOA pg. 26-27
• Uses paper ballots with candidate names
– Ballots will be sealed & retained 1 year
following election
• All unit members may vote
• Scouts may vote for one, some, or all
• Candidates may vote for themselves
• Voting is not required
– “No ballot – No problem”
• Blank ballot means “I don’t think anyone is
worthy for this honor”
• Election requires 50% approval from
ballots received
– Even/2 or (Odd + 1)/2
• If none are elected in the 1st round
– Explain the OA once again and the desire we
have to recognize honor campers
– Explain the voting procedures again
• If none are selected on 2nd round
– No more rounds – done until next year
Post Election Duties
• The election is certified only when the UE
team signs the form
– DO NOT sign the form until the election is
• Provide Scoutmaster with
– His copy (pink) of signed UE form
– “Ordealship” Application! Finance is never a
– Arranging the unit to attend the Callout
Briefing SM on Candidate Status
• After election, a candidate is a candidate
until the completion of the Ordeal and the
Ordeal ceremony
• Must be reelected 1 year after date of
• To become a candidate again, he must be
• The LEC may extend the one-year limit for
illness or other unusual circumstance
More Post Election Duties
• Ensure all data is legible
• Mail or scan to PDF and email to Lodge
Membership Chairman
• Chapter may coordinate to enter data into
LodgeMaster but completed UE forms (white)
must still be submitted
• Return unused documents to Lodge
Inductions Chairman
• Retain yellow copy and ballots for one year
[email protected]
Please feel free to contact me!

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