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Colleague Seniority
Debbie Becker, Colleague Consultant, OA Solutions
Benefits of the Seniority Module
 Tracking of seniority is done using payroll
information that is already in the
Colleague system, eliminating the need
to track this information in a separate
system (ie. Excel)
 Lots of
flexibility in the module to allow
for custom subroutines if you have
complex calculations for seniority
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Benefits of the Seniority Module
 Seniority data is stored permanently
and easily accessed for review or
 Seniority module is part of Colleague’s
base product therefore no extra cost
associated with implementing
 The added bonus is that it is not a
complicated implementation.
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Benefits of the Seniority Module
Seniority Plans can be setup to track other
information besides actual seniority, such as
Employee Awards
Wage increases (based on hours worked)
Employee entitlements for regularization
Employee recognition based on hours worked
Employee probation hours
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About Seniority
Some features of the Seniority Module
 The Seniority module provides the ability to calculate and track
“seniority hours”, based on hours worked and determined by criteria
setup in the Seniority Plans.
 Employees can be assigned to multiple Seniority Plans
 Service accrued is controlled by EARN types
 The Seniority module is designed to allow subroutines to be added to
perform complex calculations
 Seniority plans offer an option to enroll Positions in the plan, providing a
validation of hours worked against eligible positions.
 There is an ability to do manual adjustments to seniority hours.
 The Seniority module is part of Colleague’s base product
 Seniority Plans can be defined to track things other than seniority such
Employee awards
Wage increases (based on hours worked)
Employee entitlements for regularization
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Seniority Steps at a Glance
 SNPD – Define
your Seniority Plan
 PSNS – Attach Seniority Plan to Employees
 Process your payroll using Daily Time Entry
 CSDR – Create Seniority Detail
 PSAJ – Seniority Adjustments
 CSEN – Calculate Seniority
 SDPM – Seniority Detail Purge Move
 SDPR – Seniority Detail Purge
 Run Report Options
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Define a Seniority Plan
Seniority Plans typically have both “static” and “time sensitive”
information. Basic and static information are created using the SNPD form.
Typically this is information that does not change over time.
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Defining Seniority Plan Detail
The SPID form is used to record “time sensitive” information that can
change over time, such as validation and calculation subroutines and
accrual rates.
Subroutines can be attached to a Seniority plan for complex seniority
You will choose to either Include or Exclude specific Earnings Types
Specific Earning Types
can have specific
Seniority Rates
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Additional Information - SPAD
Further information can be entered here to define your Seniority Plan including:
 How you want to accumulate your Seniority, ie hours, weeks, etc
 Do you want your seniority to lapse after a period of inactivity?
 Do employees have to work specified hours before they become eligible for
 Do you want to set Minimum
and/or Maximum number of
hours eligible to accumulate?
This can be done Daily, Weekly
Monthly or Yearly.
 You can also have the number
of hours an employee works
adjust automatically to a
minimum or maximum number
of hours.
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Seniority Templates
 Similar to Bended Templates, you can attach multiple Seniority
Plans to a Template and enroll an employee in all the plans
attached to the template in one step, making it more efficient
to enroll employees in multiple Seniority Plans.
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Seniority Plans and Positions
 You have an option to enroll a position in one or more
Seniority Plans.
 Positions can be enrolled in Seniority Plans to enable position
validation of work hours. When a seniority plan is defined to
validate against positions, any work hours eligible under that
plan will be accrued as seniority hours, only if those hours are
worked to a position that is enrolled in the plan.
 There is a batch option to enroll a number of positions in one
or more Seniority Plans.
 There is a batch un-enroll option to un-enroll positions from
Seniority Plans. These options make it more efficient to
maintain positions enrolled in Seniority Plans.
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Processing Seniority
 Seniority Processing is a multi step
1. Create the Seniority Detail Records
These detail records are created from payroll information and/or manual
 Information for processing is selected based on date ranges you enter
Use these detail records to Calculate and Accrue the Seniority
During this step, any rules setup in your plan will be applied, such as
min/maximums, eligibility rules and calculation subroutines.
Move and/or purge the detail records
Options are provided for maintaining your seniority detail files
 This helps keep your files clean and easy to access information.
Run report options
Standard reports
 Custom reports
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Creating Seniority Detail
 Sample of the report received when processing CSDR
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PSAJ - Manual Adjustments
 This form can be used to manually adjust seniority hours
 Seniority hours will be added/subtracted based on this entry
 Comments will appear in the Person’s Seniority Detail for
future reference.
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Calculating Seniority Detail - CSEN
 The
hours on this report are the hours that will get stored in
the employee’s seniority detail forms.
 Manual adjustments to seniority hours are shown separately
on the report.
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Person’s Seniority Detail views
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SRNK – Seniority Reporting
This report generates a list that ranks the employees enrolled in a Seniority
There are several options for running this report including
 Using a Saved List
 By designating number of hours an employee must have in the plan
 By Seniority types
Including/excluding specific Seniority Plans
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Sorting the Seniority Ranking Report
 There
are many different options available for sorting the
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Sample of the Seniority Ranking Report
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PSRR – Personal Seniority Report
This report lists the total accrued seniority hours, plan start date, and an
as-of-date for the accrued hours for each Seniority Plan an employee is
enrolled in.
You may run the report for one employee or multiple employees. If you
run it for multiple employees, each employee’s information will be on a
separate page
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Sample of the PSRR report
 The
As of Date displays the last date that seniority was
processed for this employee for this plan.
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Debbie Becker
HR/Payroll Consultant
OA Solutions
[email protected]
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