Open Access at the EUI: Cadmus - European University Institute

Open Access at the EUI:
Cadmus, EUI research repository
Lotta Svantesson
EUI Repository Manager
EUI Open Access Roundtable 23 October 2014
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International Open Access Week
A global event, in its 7th year, promoting Open Access as a
norm in scholarship and research
An opportunity for the academic and research community to
continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access,
to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help
inspire wider participation
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EUI supports Open Access (OA)
EUI OA Policy
extract of ‘EUI Code of Ethics in Academic Research’
– The EUI supports the principle of Open Access and invites its members to facilitate the
widespread dissemination of their published research by reporting and depositing their
publications with the Institutional Repository of the EUI (Cadmus).
Theses online
– either immediately
– or after 4-year embargo; author’s choice
Signed international declarations
– 2012: Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI)
Signed by: 5814 individuals and 716 organizations*
– 2011: The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge
in the Sciences and Humanities
Signed by: 489 organizations*
* updated figures : 17 October 2014
Cadmus content: EUI research
EUI members’ publications
EUI series
• Books (authored and
• Chapters in edited books
• Journal Articles
• Special issues of Journals
(edited by EUI members)
• Working papers (and similar
series, at the EUI and
EUI Ph.D. and LL.M. theses
EUI Working papers
EUI Policy papers
EUI Lectures series
EUI Research reports
OA European Journal of
Legal Studies (EJLS) Articles
• Collected Courses of the
Academy of European Law,
EUI (Books and chapters)
Cadmus in numbers
- More than 20,000 sessions / month
- More than 230,000 sessions / year (623,000 page views)
- Nearly 16,000 records
- More than 3,600 OA
- More than 1,000 publications (records) appeared in one year
- More than 2,000 records added every year
Cadmus team assistance
Verifying publishers’ open access /
copyright policies
Author rights
Checking which article version can be made
available online
(pre-, post-print, published version)
Cadmus – content available
EUI dept
web pages
EUI / dept /
Linked to
from EUI
Google Scholar
EUI Academic Publications
• An annually published
• Its bibliographic data
comes from Cadmus
• Is another vitrine for
EUI research output
• Illustrates more than
1,000 records
Departmental publications web
• Data and images are
taken from Cadmus
• Department
publications are
automatically and
instantly displayed
EUI Directory
EUI PhD Theses publishing
EUI Theses must be published, either:
a. in Print (traditional publisher) or
b. Online (in Cadmus)
Online publication has become ‘obligatory’ according
to EUI academic rules and regulations (as implemented
since September 2014) unless published in print within
4 years
Authorisation to publish thesis
Since September 2014 EUI PhD
graduates have to complete a Form
The graduate can and must choose between:
to authorise and make the thesis
immediate Open Access publication of the thesis
available online.
online publication of the thesis after a 4-year
This is also necessary in order to
embargo period
obtain the diploma.
Article 9.13 (Publication of Thesis) of current EUI Academic Rules and Regulations for the Doctoral and Master's
Programmes state:
In accordance with the Convention setting up the EUI, Article 14 (1), theses approved by an Examining Board
must be published.
Theses can be published on paper or in electronic format with an external publisher or in the open access
electronic EUI repository. In the latter case, the copyright remains with the author. If the author decides not to
agree to publication of the thesis in the EUI repository but fails to publish it with an external publisher within
four years after the defence or has no firm indication of proximate publication, the EUI will automatically acquire
the right to publish thesis in the EUI repository. These conditions shall be accepted by the author of the thesis in
a signed agreement.
EUI electronic theses: some figures
Digital Archive
• Nearly 400 volumes of ‘old’
print theses have been
transformed into digital
form (PDF)
• Potential OA: in process
Theses and their print
• Interlinking between EUI
theses and their published
book versions
Open Access
• Nearly 250 EUI theses are
available OA
[email protected]
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23 October 2014, Lotta Svantesson

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