UC Retirement Planning

The ARP and Supplemental Savings
Susan Ratto, UC Retirement Plan Specialist
Are you part-time?
You must be full-time, 100% FTE, in
order to enroll in the Alternative
Retirement Plan (ARP).
How does the ARP Work?
 You and UC contribute to a 401a. This is not a STRS
plan. Health insurance and disability benefits are not
The UC contributions are 100% vested and portable.
You open an account with a vendor in addition to
completing a Retirement Plan Election Form.
There is a deadline of 120 days to elect the ARP.
You may change vendors if you choose to do so.
How much is contributed?
Your Contribution
Increasing 1% yr UNTIl 2016
UC Contribution
9.5% to ARP and 4.5%
Mitigating rate applies
to ARP and STRS
Defined Contribution
Health Insurance
Access is available for the eligible employees in the Defined
Benefit Plan and the Combined plan, currently after 15
years of service credit.
Access is not available for the STRS Defined Contribution
Plan or the ARP.
You have 120 days to elect the ARP!
Submit the Retirement Election Form to HR before day 121!
How do you elect the ARP?
There are two steps.
1. Notify UC of your election
2. Open your 401a account with your vendor
Note: You will default to the STRS Traditional plan until
your ARP election has been processed. The STRS
contributions will be sent to your ARP account once it
is open.
1. UC Enrollment in the ARP
Complete the Retirement Plan Election form which
can be found at www.uc.edu/hr under forms. You
must submit a hard copy with your signature. A copy
or scan will not be acceptable.
2. Submit the completed form to Human Resources at
ML 0039.
1. Select an ARP vendor: ARP vendors will contact
you and you may also contact them. The vendors will
meet at your convenience.
2. Open an account that can receive your
contributions from UC.
Additional Savings Options
You cannot increase your contributions to
OPERS or your ARP. However, you may
open an additional 403b or 457 account for
supplemental savings.
How do you open a 403b account?
1. Complete the Salary Reduction
Form at www.uc.edu.
2. Meet with one of 14 vendors to
open an account.
How do you open a 457 account?
Contact Tom Bugher, CRC
Ohio Deferred Compensation
Thank you for attending.
Sue Ratto: [email protected]

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