UC TAG - Allan Hancock College

Transfer Admission Guarantees
University Transfer Center
What you will need
 Unofficial transcripts from all institutions ever
attended and any score reports from any AP or IB
tests you’ve taken
 A copy of your Allan Hancock College unofficial
 Student ID (H number)
 Most recent copy of your SEP (optional)
Today’s Goals
 Fill out the TAP (Transfer Admission
Planner)including your TAG application
 Have your TAP and TAG application reviewed by a
 Submit your TAG application online
 Have your TAG questions answered
 Know what to expect after you have submitted your
 Choose one UC campus in which to complete a TAG (may still
apply to all others during November application period)
 30 units at time of application, 60 units total
 Meet minimum GPA requirement
 UC Davis 3.2-3.3 (depends on major)
 UC Irvine 3.4
 UC Merced 2.8-3.0 (depends on major)
 UC Riverside 3.0-3.2 (depends on major)
 UC Santa Barbara 3.2
 UC Santa Cruz 3.0
 English/Math completed (varies by school)
 Complete the UC TAP and submit UC TAG online by deadline
TAG Qualifications
Minimum UC transferable Minimum UC transferable
units completed to submit units required to fulfill
Minimum GPA required for a TAG
Completion deadline Completion deadline
for English Composition for mathematics course
(UC-E) courses
30 semester / 45 quarter; 60 semester / 90 quarter; 3.20 for majors in the Colleges of Agricultural
full time enrollment
full time enrollment
& Environmental Sciences, Biological
expected spring 2014 –
expected spring 2014 –
Sciences, and Letters & Science. 3.30 for
spring 2015, part time
spring 2015, part time
majors in the College of Engineering
permissible for good cause permissible for good cause
30 semester / 45 quarter
units must be completed in
residence at a CCC
60 semester / 90 quarter
30 semester / 45 quarter
60 semester / 90 quarter
3.0 for all majors in the School of
Fall 2015 for first UC-E
Engineering. 2.90 for all majors in the School course; Spring 2015 for
of Natural Sciences. 2.80 for majors in the
second UC-E course;
School of Social Sciences, Humanities and
Arts, except Psychology which requires a 3.0
Fall 2014
30 semester / 45 quarter
Fall 2014
Santa Barbara
30 semester / 45 quarter
(excluding AP/IB credit)
60 semester / 90 quarter 3.0 for all majors in the College of Humanities Fall 2014 for first UC-E
and Social Sciences
course; Spring 2015 for
3.0 plus major prep for the School of
second UC-E course
Business Administration. 3.1 plus major prep
is required for all majors in the Bourns
College of Engineering and College of Natural
and Agricultural Sciences (except Biology,
Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Neuroscience
which requires a 3.2)
60 semester / 90 quarter;
Minimum 3.2 for all majors by the end of fall
Fall 2014
(excluding AP/IB credit)
2014 and maintained through spring 2015.
last 30 semester / 45 quarter All majors in Econ and Bio Sci. have a min
must be completed in
GPA required for major prep classes (See
residence at a CCC; with no
assist for details).
3.4 for all UC transferable
coursework by the end of summer 2014,
and for each subsequent term
Fall 2014 for both
Fall 2014
Summer 2014 for first
UC-E course; Spring 2015
for second UC-E course
Summer 2014
Fall 2014
more than 18 units in spring
2015 to reach 60 units
Santa Cruz
30 semester / 45 quarter
60 semester / 90 quarter 3.0 for all majors; Min GPA requirements for Fall 2014 for first UC-E Fall 2014. Students must
some major prep courses. See UCSB TAG course; Spring 2015 for demonstrate adequate
website for more details.
second UC-E course. prep in math and English.
 Apply for a TAG Sept 1st-30th
 Apply to UC campuses Nov 1-30th .
 Your information entered in TAG will be transferred to your UC
Application, with your approval.
 TAG notifications will be posted no later than November 15th
 January 2015 update UC application
 You will do this on the same website you applied for
 March-May you will receive an admissions notification
 Make an appointment with a counselor
 Prepare a student education plan
 Fill out your UC TAP (Transfer Admission Planner) online
 Meet with university representatives
 Attend field trips to universities
 Attend UC TAG workshops and UC TAG review
 Complete English/math GE requirements
 Major Prep --use www.assist.org
 Keep your GPA above minimum requirement for your
school of choice
 University Transfer Center
 Allan Hancock College Website
 Go to Quick links, click on “Transfer Information”,
and select “Transfer Admission Guarantee or TAG”
from the list of links on the left-hand side of the
 UC TAP Website
Let’s Get Started!
Go to the following website:
Either click on NEW STUDENT if you have not
done so…or login with your username and
password if you have already created an account

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