UC Merced: Addition of a Baseball Team

Why Baseball?
 Chance to add to the athletic culture of the school.
 Attract new student base to the school.
 Generate a fan base and offer baseball youth camps in
the community.
 Large pool of junior college baseball players in
Northern California. Conferences include: Bay Valley,
Big Eight, Coast North, Coast South, Central Valley,
Golden Valley.
Why Baseball?
 Very common for junior college baseball players to
transfer to a four-year school.
 Baseball is competitive at all levels of collegiate
baseball in California. Many good players are always
looking for a school to play baseball for.
 Close proximity to Northern and Southern California
junior college campuses for recruiting.
 Merced junior college has a consistent winning history
in its baseball program. Possible chance to draw talent
to UC Merced
Why Baseball?
 Central Valley weather offers excellent baseball
conditions all months of the year.
 UC Merced is in need of a men’s program as only two
are offered compared to four women’s athletic
Why Baseball: Financially
-Newspaper recognition
-Website recognition
-Radio broadcast
-Potential Television deal
-"Bobcats" logo. Will aid in the selling of merchandise
-Sponsorship at events and on field
-Field Rentals when not used by school
-Popularity will increase the amount of applicants, higher
demand = higher tuition
-Alumni of baseball team will potentially "give back" through
Budget Summary: Expected
 Summer Youth Baseball Camp
 Golf Tournament
 Concessions and Ticket Sales
 Team Program Sponsorship
 University Support
 Cooperate Sponsorship
 Private Athletic Program Donations
Anticipated Total: $6,000,000
Budget Summary: Expenses
 Practice Equipment -$7,515
 Field Equipment - $6,035
 Game Day Equipment - $2,794
 Uniform Cost – $5,100
 Umpire Cost - $6,375
Budget Summary: Expenses
 Stadium Construction - $2,587,256
 Field Maintenance - $97,465
 Travel Cost - $19,600
 Meals - $20,475
 Hotel Rooms - $9,450
 Post Season Tournament - $16,500
Budget Summary: Expenses
 Coaches Salary - $72,300
 Recruiting Cost - $11,500
 Miscellaneous Costs - $17,500
Estimated Total Expenses:
Concept of Proposed Baseball Field
Baseball Field
Field will include:
 Dugouts
 Backstop
 Fence
 Concession Stand
 Restrooms
 Bleacher Seating
 Sprinkler System
 Pitching and batting cages
Proposed Space for Baseball Field
 The “Recreation Field”
would be an ideal
location on campus for a
Baseball Field.
 The Two Parking lots
nearby can serve as
parking for Baseball
 There are also potential
locations near Lake Road
and Scholarship Lane
The addition of a Baseball Team will further build the
UC Merced community, offering another avenue of
opportunity for its students. Furthermore, it will
encourage the local community, schools and kids to
get more involved. Financially, the Baseball program
will give back, just as much as it may need to take in.
Overall, it will be a major addition and will prove to be
beneficial for all who attend UC Merced.

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