PPTX - Intel Software Academic Program

Intel Do-It-Yourself Challenge
Arduino sketches and full SD image
Nicolas Vailliet
[email protected]
Intel Software
We’ll need
Hardware and Software
Linux 64bits (Ubuntu LTE 12.05)
The cross compile tool chain for Intel Quark (cf. previous slides)
Arduino IDE SW 1.5.3
A Galileo board and network connectivity
Micro-SD card with a full Linux image, installed and working
Please consider using Linux file system instead of Arduino sketches.
Compatibility issues with AVR instruction from Arduino libs are
This procedure is not straightforward and difficulties to debug could
Executing Arduino sketches
on full SD image
Preparing the board
Procedure, from BSP package home folder
source /opt/clanton-full/1.4.2/environment-******-linux
Go into meta-clanton-galileo/recipes-galileo/galileo-target/files
Extract files from the archive galileo-target.tar.bz2
Go into galileo-target-0.1
Move binary files and folders to the board, into /opt/cln/galileo/
Move files in scripts folder to their location (see the subfolders in scripts to
know where to move .sh files)
You can use the script clloader.sh from the tiny image (/etc/init.d)
mkdir /sketch (preparing the sketch location)
ln –s /dev/stdout /dev/ttyGS0
Here is a pipe from a non-existent ttyGS0 to standard output
You should handle it safer with a serial port or a socket…
Arduino IDE eglibc under Linux
From https://communities.intel.com/thread/48967
Delete some files from Arduino IDE.
$ rm -rf hardware/tools/sysroots
$ rm hardware/tools/environment-setup-i586-poky-linux-uclibc
$ rm hardware/tools/site-config-i586-poky-linux-uclibc
$ rm hardware/tools/version-i586-poky-linux-uclibc
Create symlink for cross-tools.
$ ln -s /opt/clanton-full/1.4.2/sysroots ~/dev/galileo/eglibc/arduino1.5.3/hardware/tools/sysroots
$ cp -s /opt/clanton-full/1.4.2/environment-setup-i586-poky-linux /opt/clantonfull/1.4.2/site-config-i586-poky-linux /opt/clanton-full/1.4.2/version-i586-poky-linux
Replace text in *.txt and *.sh in hardware directory
$ sed -i 's/i586-pokysdk/i686-pokysdk/g' hardware/arduino/x86/*.txt
$ sed -i 's/-uclibc//g' hardware/arduino/x86/*.txt hardware/tools/*.sh
$ sed -i 's/clanton-tiny/clanton-full/g' hardware/arduino/x86/*.txt hardware/tools/*.sh
Comment out last ~30 lines from “for e in executables_list” to “f.close()” in
Executing your sketch
Open the IDE and compile the Blinck demo.
Move the elf file from /tmp/build***.tmp/Blick.cpp.elf to your board (destination
location and name are: /sketch/sketch.elf)
sh /etc/init.d/clloader.sh
Reset button should also work (with an error displayed in terminal).
Could be fixed with script galileo_sketch_reset.sh in /opt/cln/galileo.
Why it doesn’t work
If a file exists for you but not for the board,
- You’re trying to execute a file not compiled for x86 and eglibc.
If you read the following message in the terminal and the program ends,
“Starting /sketch/sketch.elf /dev/pts/1 /dev/ttyS0
unable to exevp - may not exist/sketch/sketch.elf /dev/pts/1
critical fault during select errno=4
clloader waiting to receive. (followed by binary data or numbers)”
To fix it, verify you are using the correct files for eglibc
Sounds like the kernel doesn’t want to create pts in /dev/pts
Restart your installation from scratch if you don’t find an easier solution
Error messages are expected…
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