Name of Course : Solid State Physics(고체물리)
Course Classification: Selective
Course No: MS 613
Instructor: Duk Young Jeon
Applied Engineering Bldg. rm# 4307, ext:3337
[email protected]
Teaching assistant: Dongchan Lee
Applied Engineering Bldg. rm# 5419 , ext 3377
[email protected]
Website :
Course description of Solid State Physics (MS 613)
We often encounter complex behaviors of materials and devices. We are
easily embarrassed due to not being able to handle such behaviors. One
way to understand them is to learn Solid State Physics.
In this course "solid state physics" means mainly the physics of crystalline
solids. The many properties of crystalline materials have to do with the
periodicity of their constituent atoms.
Solid state materials (if limited on crystalline ones)
⇒ aggregate of 〔regularly arrayed ion〕
〔electrons with some freedom〕
The basics or core understanding of Solid State Physics is coming from
Quantum Mechanics applied to regular array of atoms or ions. The list of
topics to be covered is shown in the next page.
Course schedule for Fall Semester of 2014
2, 4
Introduction/ Recent trend in Materials Sciences
9, 11, 16
Necessity of quantum concepts, Chemical bonding in solid, structure of solid matter
18, 23
Diffraction from periodic structures
25, 30
Diffraction from periodic structures
2, 7
Dynamics of atoms in xtals
9, 14, 16
Free electron gas
21, 23
Free elelctron gas & Elect. Bandstructure of solids , Mid-Term Exam
28, 30
Elect. Bandstructure of solids
4. 6
Dielectric properties
11, 13,
Optical properties ( 11th. Presenting at international Conf)
18, 20
Magnetic properties
25, 27
2, 4
9, 11
16 or 18
Final Exam
Credit ; Attendance: 10%, Homework:15%, Mid-term Ex: 30%, Research
Paper:15%, Final Ex: 30% ,
Text : 1)H. Ibach, H. Lüth
Solid-State Physics 3rd ed.
(An Introduction to Principles of Materials Science)
2)Ashcroft & Mermin
Solid St. Physics
Reference :
1) Int. to Solid State Physics 7e,
C. Kittel
2) Elementary Sol. St. Physics
M. Ali Omar
3) Electrons in Solid
R.H. Bube
4) Fundamentals of Semiconductors
P. Yu & M. Cardona
5) Materials Today, Annual Review of Materials Science will be
visited whenever needed.

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