Lasswade High School Power Point Tuesday 13 January 2015

Tuesday 13 January 2015
AAA Exam Arrangements
Would all pupils who have an AAA
for the prelims please register with
SFL 10 minutes before the start of
the exam.
Please be aware that rooms may
have been changed.
Pupil Reminder
Could the following pupils please come to the
library at 9.45 today
S1 pupils
Reese Janek
Subhan Hussain
S3 pupils
Keiran Harvey
Jenny Jack
S6 pupils
Seonaid Philip
Ajay Joshi
S1 Football
All players must attend a meeting
in Room 012 on Wednesday
14 January at 1.15pm.
Mr McKay/Alexander/McQueen
Snow Sports Lunchtime Meeting
Wednesday lunchtime
From 1.20pm
Room 110
Bring your lunch with you
All pupils should attend this
meeting as important
decisions will be made
A reminder that your Scottish Space School
Application must be submitted by
18 January.
If you need any help see Miss Wallerstein in
Rm 123.
Study Support German
S4 / S5 / S6
Thursdays at lunchtime
Room 213
Mr. Steinbach
Very well done to all who have taken part
so far. Please remember to hand in your
sponsor money. If you’d like to help
there’s still time to pledge a few miles
and hand in sponsor money.
S5/6 Pupils
• We are looking for volunteer families to host
four of our visitors from Umlazi between
2 – 12 February.
• Host pupils will also accompany pupils to
social events during their visit.
• If you would like to find out more about
hosting Xolani, Kwanele, Sphesihle or
Mpendulo please see Ms Simpson Rm 114
before Friday.
If you would like to be a
Student Librarian this term
(helping one interval or
lunchtime a week) please
see Kat in the library
Lasswade HS vs Knox Academy
S1,2 and U15/16
Game is AWAY.
Bus leaves school at 8.30am.
•Remember £2 for bus
•Travel in school uniform
On Monday/Thursday @ Break in Room 218 (English).
Yearbooks will cost £16.00
All orders must be in before
13 February 2015!
Tuesday: Study Support
Ms Coquerelle (210)
Computing Study Support (S3 – S6)
Room 217
After school
Maths (N5 & Higher)
Maths department
Art & Design (S4 – S6)
Art Department
S4/S5 Practical Woodworking/
Design & Manufacturing
Design and Technology
S4 – S6 Health & Food
Technology/Practical Cake Craft
Home Economics
Higher Human Geography
Miss Hargreaves
Tuesday: Clubs
S2 Scratch Programming
Film Club
Singing Group, Fiddle Group
and Orchestra
Computing (220)
English (226)
All in music department
Tuesday: Sports Clubs
After school
Sports Hall A and B
Wednesday: Study Support
S1/S2 Science
Ms Coquerelle (210)
Science Department
After school
Maths (S1, S2, N4,N5 &
Maths department
Room 123
Wednesday: Clubs
S1 Art and Design
Mr Miller (Room 316)
Craft and Chat
Home Economics (Rm 201)
Lego Mindstorm
Room 228
Mr Poots (Room 212)
Keyboard Group, Guitar
Group and Show Band
All in the music department
After School
School Show Rehearsals
Music department
Wednesday: Sports Clubs
S1 – S6 Table Tennis
PE Studio (Mr Gulzar)
After school
S5/S6 Body Combat
Dance Studio 3.40 – 4.25
PE Department
Gymnastics Academy

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